KWSM Leadership Program: Discover the Leader Inside Yourself

Nov 2020

Do you consider yourself a leader?

If not, you can be! Many consider leaders to be those in management positions with authority over others. In our leadership training program at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, we learned how you can incorporate leadership skills and practices in every aspect of your life, regardless of your title or role within an organization. Believe it or not, you have the ability to make a true impact and inspire greatness in your colleagues, team members, friends, and family.

As we explored different facets of leadership in our 12-week training program led by the KWSM President and CEO Katie Wagner, we touched upon qualities, characteristics, and best practices that can work together to help us grow as confident and impactful leaders. One of the most important concepts for me that surfaced in each and every lesson of our leadership program is the importance of self-governance. 

The Leader Inside You

Leadership isn’t just about your ability to manage others. This merely scratches the surface of what it means to be a good leader. Successful leaders who positively influence and encourage others have discovered the leader inside themselves first. This is known as self-governance. 

Strong leaders are self-aware. They internalize things well and take time to understand how to properly manage their thoughts, feelings, and emotions first before looking outward. They accept feedback with an open mind, and they’ve learned to embrace change, translating it into personal growth. Once you establish this self-governance within yourself, you’ll find you’re more confident in your work, your relationships, your beliefs, and your ability to impact others in a positive way. 

Even if you’re not the captain of a team or a manager at your current job, you still have the power within yourself to lead others and be someone that others look up to. Once you’ve made this discovery, you may find you can inspire people in ways that many self-proclaimed leaders may never be able to. 

The concept of self-governance is something that I’ve never considered throughout my past experiences of working in teams and leading others – but after my journey through our 12-week leadership program,  it’s something that I now carry with me daily as I work to grow in my leadership abilities and my confidence in myself. 

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