How Conversational Marketing Can Help Your Business

Apr 2020

How-Conversational-Marketing-Can-Help-Your-BusinessHow do we typically converse with others? Conversations happen in-person, over the phone, and via text or video chat. These mediums allow us to have meaningful dialogues with clients, colleagues and everyone in between. But the conversational landscape is rapidly changing in the digital marketing world, and conversational marketing offers an immediate and effective way to meet your clients’ needs on their own time.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a fast and powerful tool that allows your business to instantly engage with customers. Rather than filling out a form on your website or making a call, help is instantly available through a messaging interface. Replies come from intuitive chatbots or live representatives that answer questions, provide information, or facilitate transactions.

Why Is It Valuable?

I recently saw an ad for a product in the middle of a busy day. It looked exciting, but I had questions. A quick search on the company website didn’t yield any answers, and I didn’t want to call. I navigated away from the ad and never returned. An instant response from a chatbot or live representative could have transformed me from a potential customer to a loyal one. The same goes for current customers. No one likes making billing-related calls, as the hold time is usually long. Many billing issues can be handled more efficiently through messaging. The best part is that the customer handles frustrating problems on her own time, when it’s convenient. If your first point of contact with a customer is smooth and effective, you may have a customer for life.

Is It Right for Your Business?

Conversational marketing is a promising solution for all kinds of businesses regardless of size, and it works across multiple industries.  Major companies are using conversational marketing tools for bookings and sales. Domino’s allows users to text a pizza emoji to order pizza, and Sephora offers service bookings through messaging. These tactics could easily be scaled down for a local salon or restaurant. Whether you have a designated customer support team or just a few employees, staying engaged with your customers plays an important role in building brand loyalty.

Getting to know your customers through various means of conversation is at the heart of digital marketing. While a chatbot may not have the personal touch of a phone call, it offers an immediate solution to a need. This technology is not meant to replace humans; the two work in tandem to provide a well-rounded customer experience.



86% of online customers prefer proactive online support

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