Three “C”s of Communicating Through Social Media

Social Media has become the world’s living room – the place where everyone gets together and talks. Because the world is watching, it’s important to know how to communicate properly. By following these Three C’s of Social Media, you will be on your way to being an ultra effective social media communicator.

Conversation- Remember that posting on social media is like beginning a conversation with people. Although you are not seeing them face-to-face, you are speaking to actual human beings with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Don’t be a robot, just spewing out facts about your company. Be likeable and personable and engage your audience.

Concise- Be concise with your information. If you were introducing yourself at a party, you wouldn’t ramble on and on about the various details of every one of your elementary school teachers. If you did, you’d find your fellow partygoers leaving to get more punch and never returning. The same goes for social media. Be conversational, but present your information in a way that is interesting and to-the-point.

Current- Be sure to keep your posts up-to-date and relevant. If a user views your page and sees that the last update was from the company Christmas party when it’s the middle of July, they are going to know that you don’t take the time to engage with them and they will not likely return.

When communicating through social media, it’s important to keep these C’s in mind. By being an effective communicator, your social media presence will accurately portray your company and you will join the head of the social media Class. How Cool is that?


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