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Oct 2015
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With more than 364 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. This platform is a prime location for businesses to connect, network, and communicate with countless clients. Make your business page stand out from the rest by following these simple steps.

Post Consistently

If you post consistently, they will come. Set aside five minutes of your day for posting engaging content on the page and responding to notifications every weekday. LinkedIn is a professional platform that doesn’t get a ton of action on the weekend so save your best posts for when the most people will see them during the week. As you begin to post on a regular basis, followers will take notice and look forward to seeing your posts come through their newsfeed.


You may be posting some fantastic content but if you don’t have any followers to see it, you’re missing out on major opportunities. One of the most effective ways to gain more followers is to use your personal LinkedIn page to talk about the business page. Your audience already has a LinkedIn account and directing them to the company page is just one click away. You should also promote your LinkedIn page on other social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Make it Unique

Give people a reason to like your company page. Copying and pasting the same content from your personal profile may be the easiest way to find content but it’s not the most effective. Create special posts for this page that followers won’t be able to find anywhere else. For example, this is a great platform to give updates on the company’s growth and any job openings.

Spread the Word

While posting on the company page, your networking options are limited, but this is where your employees will become an asset. Ask coworkers to follow the page and share content when appropriate. The more content is shared, the more people will see it and potentially become followers themselves. To make things even easier on your employees, create a template they can copy and paste into an update. For example, “I love working for a company that is dedicated to success! Get exclusive updates on my company’s latest projects and accomplishments by following our LinkedIn page (insert link here).”

Sponsor Updates

If organic outreach is not getting you the results you want, give sponsored updates a try. LinkedIn lets companies pay for advertising that can reach members right in their feed and drive targeted leads across multiple LinkedIn pages. Do you want to gain new followers or send more people to your website? Your social media goals for the company will determine which option is best for you.

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