Updates to LinkedIn Groups

Oct 2015

We’ve discussed it many times before on our blog, but few people understand the breadth of features LinkedIn truly offers. The most obvious and beneficial of these is the ability to join and create groups, in which you can connect multiple parties and collaborate amongst one another. It’s an incredibly useful tool for virtually connecting business contacts and other industry professionals in an open forum setting. However, like all relevant social media platforms, LinkedIn has been updating the capabilities of its groups. We’ve outlined the five updates to LinkedIn groups that will take your networking to next level.

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Simpler Privacy Settings

Streamlined settings have made it so that there are now just two types of groups on LinkedIn, public groups that you can find in search, and unlisted groups that you must create, request to join, or be invited to. In both types, only the members of the group can view the content.

Easy Invites, Less Work

In previous versions of the platform, group membership had far more barriers to entry than the current version. Before, only group administrators could invite other to join, versus post-update groups, where any member can invite others to participate.

Greater Personalization

While LinkedIn wasn’t designed with the primary intent to share photos and videos, the platform has since realized the power that media rich content has to drive engagement. You can now share photos and tag your connections in the photos, bringing more interest to your posts and offering another way to subtly touch other users.

Less E-mail

LinkedIn was in some recent legal hot water for being frivolous with notification e-mails, and we can understand why; no one wants to be spammed. Thankfully, they’ve updated the way you’re notified of your group activity by sending one summary e-mail with a recap of all the updates from the week.

Groups On the Go

Now you can join the conversation wherever you go with the LinkedIn Groups mobile app! The app is available for download for iOS users; Android app coming soon.

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