5 Ways To Improve the Content You Share on Social Media

Dec 2020

Social media gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. While consistency is important, blindly posting without a marketing strategy isn’t optimal for extending your reach and growing your audience. 

Below are 5 questions you should consider asking yourself as you promote your business on social media: 


1. Are you posting new content on social media at least 3 times per week?

It’s best practice to have a regular posting schedule. If you miss a few days, the social media algorithms will notice and ding your reach on future content. Generally, we recommend posting at least 3 times per week to keep your audience engaged. If you’re wondering how frequently you should share content on your channels, check out this helpful guide we’ve compiled on how often to post on each social media channel. 


2. Are you sharing a good mix of content (videos, blogs, photos, etc.)?

It is important to mix up the type of content you post to help keep your audience engaged and serve your various objectives for social media. For example, videos are best at reaching a large number of people, whereas links are better at driving traffic to your website. Consider sharing things like links to blog posts, links to third party articles, YouTube videos, videos uploaded directly to the platform, single photos, and photo albums. If you are already creating these types of content, you may want to explore some newer features like events or going live. 


3. Are you using hashtags in your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

On some platforms, hashtags help increase the visibility of your posts. Most commonly seen on Twitter, hashtags help your tweet get seen by people who are tracking the hashtag (for example, when you attend a virtual conference and people are engaging with the hashtag #CONFERENCE2020). Hashtags also work extremely well on Instagram and are a growing trend on LinkedIn. However, studies show that hashtags actually hurt your reach on Facebook. To learn more about hashtags and how to use them, check out this KWSM blog post


4. Do you have at least a 1% engagement rate on all your posts?

To calculate your current engagement rate, find out how many people currently see your post, and then tally up all the engagement you get. Then divide total engagement by total people (For example, 1 Like / 100 people = 1% engagement rate). When less than 1% of your fan base engages with your posts, the social media algorithms begin to understand that your content isn’t engaging. This usually results in showing your future content to fewer people. If you struggle to reach your followers, find ways to improve the quality of your content. Here are a few tips to create better content. 


5. Are you tagging other businesses and people in your posts when appropriate?

Tagging on social media is a way for people to engage with other people or brands by mentioning them in a post or comment. Check out this KWSM blog post to learn how to incorporate tagging into your content strategy.


Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B MarketingIn today’s landscape, it is crucial that you have the correct digital marketing infrastructure set up to produce optimal results for your business. 

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