Author: Katie Wagner

5 Tips on Tracking Your Digital Marketing Metrics

You already know that tracking your business goals is the key to success. But are you also tracking your digital marketing metrics? It’s crucial to track the progress of your marketing efforts on a regular basis. It gives you clear insight into whether you’re reaching your target audiences and whether

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Tips on Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s very rare that a business can be successful in its marketing efforts when there’s no strategy or detailed plan in place. There are many different approaches when it comes to establishing a digital marketing strategy. Once you are clear about your goals and strategic direction, it’s easier to understand

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5 Ways To Build an Online Community Around Your Business

To establish a community around your business on social media, you need an engaged audience. These are the people who will remember you – and continue to buy your products or services. If you are not responding or engaging with your community, you are missing out on valuable quality time

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5 Ways To Improve the Content You Share on Social Media

Social media gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. While consistency is important, blindly posting without a marketing strategy isn’t optimal for extending your reach and growing your audience.  Below are 5 questions you should consider asking yourself as you promote your business

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COVID-19 Forces Businesses to Pivot Toward Digital Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty within many businesses. At KWSM, we see most of these concerns through the lens of marketing. Some companies are concerned about whether they can survive the shutdown, and are trying to stage an immediate marketing push to bring in leads and revenue. Others are

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How Advertising and Content Marketing Relate

To keep my creative mind sharp, I take advertising copywriting classes at a local advertising agency after KWSM work hours.  The class is a lot of fun but more challenging than I could have ever imagined—writing consistently witty, concise and captivating headlines is not as easy as it seems! I

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Networking Happens Offline, Too.

This past weekend, the KWSM Staff participated in the Aliso Viejo Lip Dub. More than 1300 Aliso residents came out to make a video that will go up on YouTube to help publicize the city. We created a giant music video, lip syncing to the songs “Celebration” by Kool &

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Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency