5 Things You Should Know About Facebook Shops

Jun 2020

5 Things You Should Know About Facebook ShopsFacebook recently announced Facebook Shops, the newest option for businesses to sell their products and services online. The concept was created to live within the Facebook platform and allow shoppers to make purchases without ever leaving Facebook or Instagram. Your customers can browse, share, and buy within the platform. Is opening a Facebook Shop the right move for your business? Here are five things you should know before opening your shop.

Facebook Shops Aren’t Free

Although setting up your Facebook Shop is free, selling items comes at a cost. Unlike other popular eCommerce platforms, Facebook Shops requires a fee for every sale made. Generally, this cost is 40 cents for sales under $8 and 5% for higher-priced sales. The selling fees include taxes and cost of payment processing, apply to all checkout transactions, and help fund programs to increase the buying and selling experience.

Facebook Shops Are Customizable

One of the benefits of opening a Facebook Shop is the ability to keep your store inline with your branding. You can completely customize your stop with your branding colors, logo, and messaging. Customers will still be able to reach out directly via messenger as well to ask questions or find out more about your services or products. Facebook is still working on integrating loyalty programs as well that could benefit your customer base.

Facebook Is Still Partnering with Popular eCommerce Providers

Selling services and products in “Shops” on Facebook and Instagram isn’t exactly a new concept. Many businesses have advertised their products on their business pages but had to complete purchases on their own websites using an eCommerce integration from Facebook. Many of these websites were hosted on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Facebook Shops will continue to develop relationships with these platforms and allow businesses to upload their full product catalogs into their Facebook Shop as well as manage sales and inventory.

Facebook Gives You Access to A Large Customer Base

One of the benefits of using Facebook to support your business is to reach current customers and potential new customers. Staples on the platform like promoted posts and targeted ads have continued to be successful ways for businesses in all industries to connect with customers. Facebook Shops is using these same tools to maximize the exposure of your online shop. The average user spends nearly an hour just browsing through the platform. Your shop can help you showcase your products and services while these users are scrolling through their feeds. Even if the user isn’t ready to buy, they can save the product and purchase it later.

Facebook Shops Are Still Growing

Since Facebook Shops is still a relatively new feature, it may not be available to international customers and may still have quirks that arise. One of the biggest growing pains is helping users see Facebook as their go-to shopping platform. Although the Facebook Marketplace and business pages are a popular way to learn about new products or buy used products from your community, Facebook itself is still seen as a platform to share not necessarily shop. As more businesses move to the platform to give this new option a try, this perception could change.

Facebook Shops has the potential to be a successful option for many businesses. The feature is built to increase your brand’s reach, drive traffic and leads, as well as increase sales. Whether your business decides to take the leap and open shop or wait, it’s important to have a plan in place that aligns with your most important goals.


megaphone78% of Americans have discovered new products on Facebook.

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