How To Find Value in LinkedIn During COVID-19

Apr 2020

LinkedIn has seen a lot of activity with users sharing their thoughts on COVID-19, its impact on their personal and professional life, and offering support to others. While these times are different for all of us, here are a few ways for you to stay connected to your professional network.

Share Educational Content

One of the most popular ways people have engaged on LinkedIn is ramping up their educational content and sharing resources. If there is a topic or field of study you are highly experienced in, this is a great time to share that information online and continue to keep your organization relevant. Many users have shifted to webinars, offering free advice and support to their audience. By doing this, you are not only showing your value and providing resources to others, but also increasing your digital footprint – which will continue to benefit you during the aftermath of the pandemic.


Use This Time To Build Connections

Many of us are spending a lot of time at home now and have the time to dive deeper into expanding our sphere of influence. Don’t be shy about commenting on and sharing content, and personally messaging those you’d like to collaborate with in the future. By being proactive now, those relationships will reap a healthier harvest in the future. Reach out and connect to those who can support your initiatives. Remember, it’s a two-way street. Always be ready to provide value in exchange for their partnership and time.


Share Your Journey Through COVID-19

More often than not, transparency and vulnerability breeds genuine connection and relationship. Alongside your networking, take the time to connect on a deeper level with your audience and be honest about your emotions and current experience. Share what life is like for you now. Have you had to adjust to working from home and creating an at-home workspace? How are you managing stress and anxiety during this time? What new tools/resources have helped you adapt? Sharing your true, authentic thoughts can offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration for others. Share pictures of your pet sitting on your laptop keyboard or your kids running around the house. Don’t be afraid to peel the curtain back a bit.


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