How To Help Your Small Retail Business in Las Vegas

Apr 2020

Retail businesses in Las Vegas are taking every measure to keep their customers engaged and stay in business during the forced closures during  the current pandemic. Many local businesses are suffering now that they have to remain closed.

Good news arrived as the Small Business Administration stated they would aid small businesses, but this help has excluded many gaming businesses.

The stay at home order will end, and retail businesses will reopen eventually. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan to protect the future of your business.

Apply For Government Support

Many of the big game casinos were excluded from the SBA assistance program. This is a good opportunity for local businesses to receive the help they need. However, due to high demand all over the country, this should not be your only option for sustaining your business.

Unfortunately, Nevada ranks second in the country for small businesses affected by the coronavirus. This has been a large blow for the community and small business owners in Las Vegas.

Assess Your Marketing Tactics

What are your current marketing tactics? Have you changed your marketing strategy during this crisis? Just because your retail business is closed does not mean that you should stop marketing. It’s critical to pivot your marketing strategy so that your business can navigate in this environment. By changing your marketing strategy, you can get a better perspective on what you need to do to make sure your business gets through the closure.

Take this time to assess and improve the elements of your marketing plan. Once you have a strong marketing strategy in place you can focus on planning for the future. Make sure you are prepared to open your doors and welcome back your loyal customers. Unique situations call for out-of-the-box thinking to keep your business afloat.

Consider A Pivot To Digital

The success of your retail business during this time depends on digital marketing to help reach customers who are confined to their homes. Make the move toward a digital marketing strategy to help your Las Vegas business. 

If you are struggling with marketing your business online, consider help from an agency. Your digital marketing plans can set you up for success during the quarantine period and after it’s lifted. Avoiding change can be detrimental, so shift your efforts to a strong digital marketing strategy to sustain your business.


megaphoneThere are 1.2 million adults living in Las Vegas. How will you market to this audience now to ensure that your business is strong once the quarantine is over?

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