Spring Cleaning Your Social Media: Why It’s More Important Now

Apr 2020

Many of us are spending more time online and on social media these days. With extra downtime and limited opportunities to step away from our homes, we’re ingesting more content than ever before. And it’s amplified for those of us with jobs requiring us to stay connected throughout the day.


While it’s almost impossible to completely turn off the switch, too much information can become overwhelming and depressing. Here are a few ways to unplug, if even for a moment.


Taking Control

Maybe it’s time for some “Social Media Spring Cleaning?” It’s okay to take control of your feeds, making sure they’re more positive and upbeat. Unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good or are constantly flooded with negative thoughts or information. 


Make sure that the people and brands you follow are aligned with what’s important to you. If you’re friends with someone at work and feel uncomfortable not following them anymore, use the mute button on Instagram or Twitter to hide them from your feed. On Facebook, you can “unfollow” someone while still remaining friends. This prevents potentially awkward situations while still allowing you to be more picky about what kind of content you’re seeing.


Setting Limits

The average person spends around two hours a day interacting with comments and posts on social media. That’s a lot of time, and it can be much higher for those of us in the social media business. While setting limits sounds difficult, it is possible with a little persistence.


Give yourself a specific time to unplug. No devices after 7:00 pm, no exceptions! You can tailor a time that works best for you, but just make sure you stick to the rules. Some phones have features that allow you to track and monitor the time you’re spending on different social platforms. It allows you to set limits on apps like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be notified when that time is about to run out, and you’ll be reminded to close the app.


Freeing Your Mind

Take 15 minutes during the day to clear your mind, meditation is easier than you think. The ancient technique has also been proven to help with depression, anxiety and stress among other health related issues. If you find there are moments in your day that feel overwhelming, a few minutes of reflection and mediation can really help your brain refocus. Did you know that just ten minutes of mindfulness meditation daily can help reduce distracting thoughts for people with anxiety?


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