Why Your Business Should Be Thankful for Social Media

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On this Thanksgiving, we can’t help but stop and appreciate all the wonderful things that social media has done for our company and businesses around the world. Social media has leveled out the advertising playing field for struggling small businesses as well as connected companies to clients that might otherwise not have existed. Here are just a few reasons your business should be thankful for social media.

Free Brand Awareness

At this point in time it is still free for companies to setup social media accounts and instantly start connecting with clients. These platforms are a haven for businesses to show some personality and promote brand awareness. Instead of relying on newsletters or word of mouth, businesses can instantly inform customers about upcoming sales or specials with one simple post. Make sure your colors, fonts, logos, and information are uniform across all channels to establish a solid online identity.

Effective Ads Targeting

Unlike television ads, your social media ads will target specific audiences who are interested in your services. A TV ad can be broadcast to thousands of people but many of them might not be interested in the products you’re trying to market. You can drastically narrow your intended audience online by selecting specific traits that define your customer. For example, if you’re promoting a vineyard in Napa you can choose to show your ad only to wine enthusiasts who happen to be traveling through the area. When it comes to making brand-buying decision, Forbes says consumers are more likely to trust online ads over TV ads.

Connect With Clients

Social media is a user-friendly forum where clients can reach out to your business like never before. You can use social media to chat with customers in real time about impending orders, return policies, and so much more. These platforms are also the perfect place to share consumer-generated content like pictures taken with your products and testimonials.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a fantastic Turkey Day and we look forward to connecting with you on Facebook!



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