Why Your Personal Brand Is Just As Important As Your Company Brand

Nov 2015
PC: songofstyle
PC: songofstyle

While there should be a clear distinction between your business social media and your personal social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean one is more important than the other. Your business social media account exhibits your brand identity, which makes it undeniably tied to your business, however your personal social media accounts are just as significant because they are a representation of you.

Read on to learn some tips to keep in mind when posting on your personal social media:


Stay Consistent

Your personal social media accounts do not need to be consistent in terms of the amount of content you post, but they should remain consistent with your personal brand. Thanks to social media, people are more connected than ever. We’re able to tweet at celebrities, Google search CEOs, and share content with wide audiences. Keep in mind that means your potential clients and competition have the ability to look you up as well. What you post publicly on your personal account can be viewed and taken into consideration as a reflection of your brand. It may not be your company’s official social media account, but it is an account associated with your business since it belongs to you.


Publish, Don’t Post

A good rule for managing your personal social media accounts is to understand that everything you post is essentially published online. In a day and age where information on individuals can be easily accessed by a quick Google search, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re publishing to the world. Think of each social media channel as it’s own publication. Whether it’s a quick Instagram post or a board on Pinterest, if your name is associated with it, it’s published to your name. By thinking of publishing content instead of posting it, you’ll be able to easily weed out posts that might not best represent your personal and professional brand.


Don’t discount the importance of your personal social media in regards to your business’s online reputation. Although the two aren’t directly linked, they’re still associated with each other if your name is publicly tied to your company. Remember, once you post it, it’s published, and it’s public. To learn more on how to manage your social media more efficiently, click here!


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