Simple (and Free) Ways to Be Seen on Pinterest

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Is your Pinterest taking off the way that is should? If you’ve checked off all the major bases with your account, but still aren’t seeing traction on your blog posts and videos, it may be time to take a new approach to the way you’re sharing your content.

Sure, promoted pins are a great option for businesses, but it is ridiculous to think that everything posted on Pinterest needs a slice of your social media budget. With that said, here are some simple ways to get your brand’s content in front of more eyes, no ad spend required.

Directly send your pins.

There are some places where it’s alright to play the humble card, but Pinterest is not one of them. Use the “Send Pin” feature to share your work with these influencers for the chance to get your work in front of more people.

When unsure of where to start, ask yourself what a natural fit would be. Does your company use another brand’s technology in a fresh new way? Share a “tips of the trade” video. Have you completed a magazine’s design challenge? Write a blog post sharing your photos for inspiration. Is there a specific brand of olive oil that your chefs are loyal to? Unleash a sample recipe.

Topics like those listed above let you stay true to who your company is while giving other companies a reason to care and share. By messaging this type of pin to them, you’re simply making their search for great content easier.

Join community boards.

Another great way to share your work is by joining and pinning to community boards. These forums are like the boards you typically use to pin your content, but with two major distinctions. The primary difference is that multiple people can contribute to the content that is saved to a community board. However, the sharpest pinners truly embrace the other big separator: that everyone who contributes to the board also is a subscriber, allowing them to receive your content without needing to follow you first.

While we don’t suggest joining every community board that you can find and spamming them with your content, there’s value in joining a select few that relate back to your company’s products, services or branding. Find them by running a search for “community board” and finding your favorites, or look up a unique topic and dig one out that has the community logo (a grayed-out silhouette of two people – shown below) by its name. The administrator of each will typically share how to join in the board’s description.

Simple and Free Ways to Be Seen on Pinterest

Spread out your pins.

Did you know that Pinterest’s smart feed limits how many people will see your pins, even if they follow you? A great way to improve your chances is trading your Pinterest binges for a more steady distribution, as the site favors fresh content over the stuff that’s been sitting around for a few days without any play.

While this may seem to be a major inconvenience, this new feed has its perks. Since most of your pins won’t be seen the first time around, a new opportunity arises to recycle your content. As a rule of thumb, wait about a week before sharing the same pin over again, and don’t post it to the same board as before.

What unconventional ways do you use to get traction on Pinterest? Share them in the comments.

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