How To Improve Organic Reach On Facebook

Jul 2015
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With more changes to Facebook’s algorithm and growing competition, it’s become increasingly difficult to get your content in front of your fans. As a result, many businesses have seen a decline in reach on Facebook. If your reach has become stagnant or worse, has started to decline, it may be time to change things up a bit. If advertising isn’t in your budget, or you’d just like to try growing your reach without the use of Facebook advertising, there are a few things you can do to increase your organic reach.

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Facebook estimates that of the approximate 1,500 posts a person could potentially see a day, the News Feed only displays about 300. As more and more companies use Facebook for business, it becomes more of a struggle to produce a post that becomes one of those 300. The key isn’t to crank out as many posts as you can. Instead of increasing daily posts, focus on quality content creation. Post content that will not only get your target audience’s attention, but that is also shareable. Posts that receive the most engagement include links, pictures, infographics, or videos. The more engagement a post receives, the more people will see potentially see that post.

Keep a strategic posting schedule.

Facebook Insights allow you to discover when your fans are on Facebook. Many people would assume the best time of day to post is when the majority of your fans are online, but this isn’t always the case. To increase the chances of fans seeing your content, post when fewer people are posting. Experiment by posting at different times of day to discover when your posts reach the most people. Do some research on your competitors’ posting habits, and try posting when they aren’t posting. The ideal time of day to post content on Facebook is when lots of your fans are on and the competition is low.

Post content that is always relevant.

Posting content about trending topics or currents events may expand your reach temporarily, but your post becomes irrelevant as soon as the topic stops trending or the event is over. Unlike other social media channels where posts are short lived, Facebook posts can have a longer lifespan. The more useful and relevant a post, the more likely it is for someone to like, comment, or share it (hours, days, or even weeks later), which then exposes their audience to the same post. Posts with more engagement have a longer lifespan, expanding your organic reach.

If your organic reach on Facebook has declined, don’t get discouraged. This is an issue that many business pages currently face. Revise your current Facebook strategy to include these tips, test the strategy, and adjust accordingly.

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