Why Video Is The New King Of Content

Apr 2018

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the impact of video is nearly boundless. 

With not just a decline in traditional advertising but traditional avenues of viewing video (i.e.:, mainstream television) and the rise of video features across all social media platforms, it’s no big surprise that video content is quickly becoming the most valuable medium of audience engagement online.

And with the shift away from desktop content interaction for mobile viewing, video engagement saw a rise of 43% in 2014. It only continued to grow! By 2017, 74% of all internet traffic was attributed to video.

But why do we see this rising trend, what can it mean for brands, and how can they capitalize on it to help expand their reach?

Let’s start at the beginning:


To start out, we see a decline in traditional TV viewing – and the reason is startlingly simple: both millennial adults and generation Z teens are choosing mobile viewing over cable.

Both of these demographics grew up casually using social media. They speak the language fluently and have the unique ability to seamlessly adapt to the rapid changes. Able to use all forms of social media, both generations watch video content on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on…

And with so much of their target demographic having roots in these generations, all of the mainstream social media platforms have shaped how they present content around them. Facebook is heavily pushing video, showing favor towards posts and ads in video form, and intends to start their own Facebook Watch feature, to deliver Facebook’s own unique made video and show content (similar to YouTube and YouTube Red).

What can it mean for brands?

Businesses and brands seeking to build their own unique voice on social media should be proactive in not being left in the dust.

Video content is quick, it requires very little effort of the viewer, and it is engaging. But while video is easy and fast for your target audience to consume, it’s not always easy to produce. What could be a 30-second video might take days or a week to create – depending on your time and resources available. This might mean hiring a professional or an outside third party who specializes in producing polished video content.

How can brands capitalize on video?

Studies show that Calls To Action (CTAs) that utilize video have a higher success rate when it comes to conversions.

Video is also known to effectively boost the audience’s understanding of a brand’s product/service – because the quick nature of the content makes it that much more digestible. And while video can be used for conveying factual information, it can also be used to trigger strong visual and audio emotions in viewers.

Whether it’s using it for a fully-realized YouTube tutorial, a Facebook Live feature, or a series of behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories, brands have a lot to explore where their video content performs the best.

But brands don’t always have the money and resources to produce polished videos…

Where do you turn for help?

If you are in need of quality video content, it is worth consulting professionals in the field of social media marketing to boost both your reach and the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

The team at Katie Wagner Social Media have years of experience filming, producing, and working side-by-side with brands and businesses to execute polished video strategies and campaigns. If you have any questions regarding your video needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we love questions and are always seeking to challenge ourselves.

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