The Secret Way to Use Current Events to Stand Out on Twitter

May 2018

If you blink – you’ll miss it! On Twitter, what’s trending is all that matters. Hashtags and Twitter threads come and go in an instant, but if you’re prepared, can be used to step up your Twitter game and expand your audience.


By keeping track of what’s happening, you can utilize the appropriate hashtags and join in on conversations that will put your content in front of an entirely new audience. This audience is interested in these events and will be following the hashtags you’ll be using! And just like that, you’ll have the attention of new Twitter users who might have never heard of your brand before.


But who has time to stay up to date on all of the latest trending topics? When you’re focusing on your overall online marketing strategy, it can sometimes feel impossible to stay relevant and involved in current events. But don’t worry – Twitter has got you covered.


There’s a little-known secret released once a month that will be sure to put you ahead of the game – The Monthly Lineup Calendar!

Each month, Twitter releases a calendar packed with the dates and info for all the top events, holidays, and cultural marks you won’t want to miss. From National Wine Day to the Royal Wedding, Twitter’s May calendar will keep you organized and tweeting about what’s happening.


Twitter is all about community and establishing a connection with the other users on the site. By engaging in conversation about relevant events and topics, you will expand your reach and put your company and brand in front of an even wider audience.


By looking at the monthly calendar as a whole, you can create content ahead of time and prepare your monthly content strategy from start to finish. Find the topics and holidays that best match your brand and audience and get tweeting! There are more than enough great ways to reach new audiences on Twitter. One way is through Twitter ads! Learn more about how to use Twitter’s targeting feature for ads.

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