Why Social Video Marketing Grows your Business

Aug 2019

Why Social Video Marketing Grows Your Business


Content is king, and how you use it affects how your business will grow. There are 5 leading social media platforms to maximize your message’s potential and promote engagement. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are the channels where most of your customers live day in and day out. So, how do you connect with your future customers?


We all digest content differently when it comes to social media. There is a lot of noise within the channels, but there are ways to get your audience’s attention. Video content is a sure-fire thumb stopper, and it’s one of the most popular forms of content digested across all channels. It forces the user to pause and process the message whether they realize it or not. Social Video Marketing is traditionally used within an integrated marketing campaign to increase engagement with the audience. 


A single video can be used on all channels, but incorporated in different ways. Video posts and ads tend to perform better than static images. Many social media users are conditioned to scroll past static ads every day. Their brains are trained to weed out the fluff. With videos, they’re more inclined to stop to see what the action is all about.


Whether you’re profit or nonprofit, B2B or B2C, you could start using a company overview video or a product/service video to boost engagement. There are arguments on which video type performs best: user-generated, self-made, or professional videos. All are extremely useful, but we think one reigns supreme. 


Professional videos are the best for all channels because of the quality and message. User-generated and self-made content is good for positive reputation management, authenticity, and building trust and engagement. Think of it as content backing up the company’s mission. Professional videos are a good way to introduce your tone and branding, so you need to get it right the first time.


One video shoot could yield content for all your channels. Taking snippets, factoids, and testimonials from the video is a good way to create more than one piece of content. The possibilities are endless.


Not sure where to start with your video marketing? 


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