Fact Check! Instagram Cracks Down on User Content

Aug 2019

Twitter tests out new features, Instagram takes steps to control content and surveys say that if you

want to market to a younger generation, YouTube is the place to go. 


Forget TV! This Generation Turns to YouTube For News

When you think of YouTube, what do you imagine? Many people assume it is a place for “How To” DIY videos. While these people are not wrong, this is also a place for learning and inspiration. This is especially true for younger generations. According to Survey Monkey and Common Sense Media, more and more teens are receiving their news through YouTube. If you or your company are not utilizing YouTube to inform others then you are missing out on a big audience. This is a great tool to gain new customers and form better relationships simply by creating content on what you already know.  


Instagram Users are Creating More Credible Content 

 Instagram is taking the right steps to make sure content is true and factual with the help of U.S fact-checkers. Within the next month, users will be able to report a post that they believe to be untruthful. To do this, take a few simple steps: 


  1. Click the three dots in the right-hand corner of the photo 
  2. Click “Report” > “It’s Inappropriate” > “False Information” 


It’s as easy as that! The photo will not be deleted after it has been reported. Instead, the photo will become less searchable under the hashtags used in the reported post. Eventually, Instagram would like to catch these posts without relying on users and fact-checkers. So, make sure you are posting content that you know is true and factual! 


Get Notified: Twitter Tests New Tweet Subscriptions  

Twitter is constantly updating the platform to make it more personalized. The platform is now testing a new feature that allows users to see more of what they really want. Soon, Twitter users will be able to follow a specific tweet just like they would follow an account. The only difference is that when you follow a tweet, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Once you find a tweet you want to receive notifications for, you have a few different options. These include:


  • Top: notifies you when the author, anyone the author mentions, or anyone you follow replies to the tweet
  • All: notifies you when anyone replies 
  • None: no notification (account default)


This tool is a great time-saver if you are someone who is constantly visiting Twitter for information and news.


YouTube is the top social site for U.S. teens, with 85% of them using the platform. 

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