What You Should Consider When Adding Video To Your Marketing Strategy

Dec 2020

It’s no secret that adding video to your marketing efforts can make a big impact. YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined and according to statistics from Wyzowl, 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product.

But before you hit the post button, it’s important to make sure you have content that will connect with your consumers. Here are a few things to consider before adding video to your digital marketing efforts.

Know Your Audience:

It may sound like common sense, but identifying your target audience and the type of content they’re ingesting is crucial. Google Analytics is a great place to start and can help you identify which social channels are driving the most traffic to your site. 

Next, make sure you understand how your product or service makes your audiences’ lives better. Ask yourself, does my product or service solve their problems or challenges? What are their pain points and how can I help solve them? Having a clear understanding of this will help drive your overall message.

Identify Where Your Video Will Be Posted:

Another important part of the content creation process is learning where your finished videos will be posted. Before you start shooting, you should have a solid plan in place. Do you plan to embed your videos on a website or blog page? Or will your videos be used for social media channels like Instagram and Facebook? 

Knowing who will be viewing your videos and on what platform will help you create content that’s relevant to people viewing it. It also helps ensure your videos are edited within the guidelines of each platform.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative:

Just because everyone is posting vertical videos of cats doesn’t mean you have to. The fun part about creating video content is the “creating” aspect. Experiment with different formats to figure out which ones communicate your message best. Think about how video can be used to tell your story and capture the attention of your target audience. 

Why Every Company Needs a Listing on “Google My Business”Did you know, more than 55% of shoppers use online video while shopping inside a store?

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