Why Every Company Needs a Listing on “Google My Business”

Dec 2020

Why Every Company Needs a Listing on “Google My Business”While most business owners understand the importance of showing up on Google, many are unfamiliar with the tools and strategies necessary to maximize their business’ presence on the search engine. In order for your company to take full advantage of Google’s potential, you must use YouTube and Google My Business to extend your reach and strengthen your overall SEO. 

After Google My Business is set up, when users search for your company, they will see the information that you control. This information can include location, contact information, hours of operation, a website link, or anything you’d like to share with your audience. 

Three Advantages of Using Google My Business

1- SEO Benefits

There are several reasons why using Google My Business is worth it. First, as the name implies, Google My Business is run by Google, making any activity on the profile count towards your overall SEO. For example, if your business has a blog, this is another great place to post it. Not only will searchers see this content right away, it will also contribute to your website’s overall SEO and over time improve your search ranking

2- Control Over Search Rankings

In addition to SEO benefits, using Google My Business also gives you more control over what searchers see about your company. Without a Google My Business listing, if a user searches for your company, they will get the automated results generated by Google’s algorithm. This may or may not be the correct or relevant information you want to share with your audience. However, after setting up your Google My Business account, users will clearly see a box with verified information about your business when they search for your company. Not only does this ensure your audience gets the right information, but it also increases your business’s perceived credibility.

3- Google Reviews

In addition to having more control over your search results, Google My Business also provides the opportunity for users to post reviews. Google reviews are one of the most powerful forms of testimonial, with 92% of B2B buyers saying they would be more likely to purchase something after reading positive Google reviews. If your company has a strong relationship with its clients, asking for reviews is a great next-step following the activation of your account listing. 


Ultimately, Google My Business has many advantages and given its quick set up time and user-friendly management, creating a listing on Google My Business is beneficial for most businesses.


Why Every Company Needs a Listing on “Google My Business”97% of consumers use online resources to research products or services in their local area.

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Why Every Company Needs a Listing on “Google My Business”

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