Why San Diego Businesses Should Highlight Philanthropy in Holiday Content Marketing

Dec 2020

It’s the season of giving and the charitable spirit of philanthropy, corporate volunteering, and organized giving should shine in your business and its content marketing initiatives.

Business owners often mistakenly view corporate philanthropy as a soft option or an extra, but these initiatives should be central to your mission to connect with customers on a deeper level. In San Diego especially, consumers care about local businesses and what they stand for. In fact, companies that embrace philanthropy as a core practice reap rewards that businesses that choose not to will never attain.

Here’s why your business should up their philanthropy game this holiday season and feature it in content marketing.


Philanthropy Gives Higher Purpose to a Business- And Inspires Employees.

Every company exists to make money, but should also have a purpose beyond profits. Embracing a charitable or responsible spirit of any kind can revitalize the energy that led to your company’s initial founding, and when that passion is infused in your products, services, clients, and marketing initiatives, it manifests in the mentality and attitude of your employees and leadership. Science shows that people with a sense of purpose in their work are happier and therefore more likely to be more productive and creative, work harder, and approach their work with more care and attention.


Great Business Is About Generating Positive Emotions.

I often teach business leaders to make decisions based on data, not how they feel. But the reality is that your customers make decisions based on their feelings more often than not, and the “vibe” they get from your business’s online presence matters. Positive emotions like joy, enthusiasm, and empathy can lead customers to a meaningful sense of connection with your brand that goes beyond what can be achieved by an expensive, well-executed advertising campaign. In your content marketing, be sure to include messaging and information that showcases your corporate philanthropy program in a way that will resonate on an emotional level. This lets customers know that your business is a good corporate citizen and transforms them into a more loyal customer base.


Consumers Want to Patronize Businesses that Help Their Communities.

52% of U.S. consumers factor values into their purchase choices and want to support brands that actively promote beliefs and values that are aligned with their own. Your business has an unwritten social contract with the community whether you’re aware of it or not, and philanthropy leads to a deeper level of customer engagement and community building.

What does this mean for your business? Don’t be shy about sharing what you care about! Great social media for San Diego businesses requires thoughtfulness, time, and attention to do it right!

And beware: there’s a difference between showboating inauthentically and truly walking the walk and talking the talk. Put your money where your mouth is, share what you’re doing, and be genuine on your social media channels, blogs, and email campaigns.

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