What Should Your Business Be Blogging About?

Dec 2020

Blogging is an essential marketing tool for your business. It can help expand your customer reach, showcase your expertise, and drive traffic to your products and services. Although blogging is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy, many businesses don’t know where to start. Here are some blog topic ideas your business can incorporate into your content.

Case Studies

Blogging is the ideal way to demonstrate your business’s expertise. Writing about your company’s successes through case studies can help position you as an expert in your industry. Case studies typically cover one event or interaction with a client. In these posts, you can talk about the situation your business was presented with, obstacles you had to overcome, and how you found a positive solution. Your case study can even include photos of your services or products in action, videos of your team talking about the scenario or a written or video testimonial from the client involved. No matter how big or small you think your story is, sharing it can make a positive impact on your audience and your reputation.


The best way to win potential customers over is to let your current clients rave about you. Turn your positive reviews and customer feedback into testimonial blogs to let your customers tell your story. Since consumers naturally trust people more than brands, client testimonials add more weight to the decision they’re trying to make. This type of content allows you to talk about your products and services while building trust with your audience. These blogs create a deeper, more emotional appeal because your audience can physically see and hear from your biggest supporters. 

Employee Spotlights

In order to build a strong connection with your audience, it’s important to show the faces behind your brand. Use your blog to feature your employees in action and show your customers the people they can expect to meet when working with your business. Employee features are also a great way to turn employees into advocates. People love to hear positive things about themselves. When you post blogs about your employees, they will naturally want to share that post with their friends, thus expanding your audience reach further. 

Industry Topics

The best way to use blogs to support your business is by writing about industry topics. Whether you’re a service-based or product-based business, you can use your blog as a hub for industry information. Write about timely topics and changes in your prospective industry. Blog about any recent news that could impact the city you’re located in. Create content about popular trends and apply them to your brand. These types of blogs position your brand as an expert in your field and help drive more consistent traffic to your website.

Blogging is an effective way to communicate with your audience. Although your blogs should live on your company’s website, this content can be shared on all of your social media channels and help expand your audience reach even further.

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