How To Improve Your Teleprompter Skills for Video

Dec 2020

Have you ever wanted to up your video skills? Coming across comfortably on camera is not easy, but with a little patience, a lot of practice and the help of technology it’s possible for almost anyone.

One of the tools that makes delivering your message on screen a little simpler is the teleprompter. It’s essentially a mirror that sits in front of a camera and reflects words onto a display. This allows the person in front of the camera to look directly into the lens and deliver their speech without looking down at their script. But as simple as this sounds, there is a learning curve. Here a few tips to help you master the art of the teleprompter.

Know What You’re Talking About

The number one rule when reading off a promoter is to be familiar with your script. If you didn’t write it yourself, read through it and change any words that don’t feel natural or cause you to stumble during your practice runs.

Don’t Read Cold Turkey

Practice, practice and then practice your scripts again. The more familiar you are with your script, the more comfortable you’ll come across in your delivery. If you have the option of practicing on the teleprompter ahead of time, make sure the speed of the words feels comfortable. You don’t want the promoter to move too fast or too slow. If the speed is not correct, it can often lead to stumbling or make you appear uncomfortable.

Bring Your Personality

When you step in front of the camera, it’s best to turn up the volume on your personality. You still want to be yourself but a more exaggerated version. Boosting your energy will help you appear more friendly and relatable. If it’s a light hearted topic, don’t forget to smile. If it’s a more serious subject, think about your delivery and your body language — you don’t want to come across as insensitive. 

Keep Going And Don’t Panic

Finally, no matter what happens, just keep reading. If you’re delivering your script live, there really is no other option. In this scenario, stay calm, the people watching may not even notice a minor stumble. If you can’t recover quickly, take a moment to compose yourself and continue reading with confidence. 

When it comes to reading off a teleprompter, it’s not a question of if you’re going to mess up — it’s when. Knowing how to recover is the most important part of mastering the teleprompter.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a situation where you have the option of multiple takes, continue to read your script as though you were live. This will help keep your energy high and your pace consistent. And hey, if you really mess up, you have the advantage of starting over from the top.

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