The Tale of Three Stories: Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Which Will You Choose?

May 2017
Photo: @elo_cbt

Once upon a time, there was a new and exciting social media platform called Snapchat. This app offered its users a 24-hour time limit on 10-second photos and videos to share with friends. As the app gained popularity, two huge social media empires noticed. Leading to Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, creating their own ‘Story’ features.

With Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook all offering Stories, how do you decide which to choose? Here’s a snapshot!


Last year, Snapchat had its own unique edge in a sea of social media. The quick ‘snaps’ a user can send to their friends led to fun content sharing and a major success for the company. Just as Snapchat started to rise in the social media food chain, it’s now up to this platform to prove itself as the leader in Stories.

When To Use: Snapchat differs from the others because the reach isn’t as big. Snapchat is the platform where you can connect with friends and be a bit more personal. If you want to share behind the scenes aspects of your brand and tell your brand’s story in a personal way, Snapchat may be the right platform for you.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is a platform where users can find their personal aesthetic and post appealing visuals to their audience. What makes Instagram a worthy platform is that it offers the vast reach. With Snapchat, you are posting your Snapchat story for your friends to see. Because you can make your profile public on Instagram, you’ll get a larger reach!

When To Use: If you want to share any new incentives or updates with your company or fun photos that represent your brand, Instagram Stories is for you!

Facebook Camera

The latest to hop on the Stories bandwagon is Facebook, available through its Camera feature. Facebook owns Instagram, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that the largest platform included the Stories feature, as well.

When To Use: Since you probably have the highest amount of friends or followers on Facebook, the Camera feature will have the most reach when comparing to the other platforms. Use this sparingly and be wise with what you post! If you have big news or updates with your business, then Facebook Camera is your perfect match.

Who Wins? 

When it comes to determining a winner between these three platforms – well, that is up to you! Everyone has a different need on social media and whether you are creating stories for personal or business use may dictate which channel you prefer.

We suggest you give them all a spin!

Looking to start slow? Why not test the waters with Instagram Stories, which has the balance between getting traction in front of the right audiences all while posting fun, visually appealing photos. Instagram Stories gives you the opportunity to grow your brand on the site and get seen in front of your target demographics.

Want to take your Instagram stories to the next level? Get the most out of your Instagram Stories, here.

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