Facebook vs. YouTube Prize Fight – Who Scores a Video Knockout?

May 2017

Let’s get ready to stream!

It’s no secret that video marketing is taking the Internet by storm. According to HubSpot, video content is expected to represent 74% of all Internet traffic this year. So where do you put it? Here are the contenders in this heavyweight bout!


In this corner, weighing in with 1.9 billion users worldwide… Facebook!

The platform and its algorithm values natively uploaded videos over already hosted video content. The secret sequence for effective video use is very much like a jab-jab-uppercut!

As social media trainers, here’s our fight plan for Facebook:

  • DO- Upload your videos natively. Facebook’s wants users on its site longer, rather than clicking away to competitor sites for content. By uploading the video directly, you are increasing the users’ time on the site. Facebook will reward you for by showing your post to more people.
  • DO- Livestream. Facebook Live, is becoming increasingly important to the channel’s algorithm, and when Facebook introduces a new feature, use it! By incorporating live video into your social strategy, you’ll see an increase in reach and engagement.
  • DON’T – Share outside links to videos. YouTube may be the king of video, but Facebook won’t appreciate you inviting users to click to its royal highnesses’ video-only platform. When posting to Facebook, avoid link sharing and stick to native video for the best reach.


In this corner, weighing in as the second largest search engine…YouTube!

When it comes to video, YouTube is the undisputed champion. While Facebook may look to steal the title, YouTube isn’t throwing in the towel anytime soon. With a search engine second only to the website’s parent company Google, YouTube can connect you with a target audience searching for companies or products like yours.

As your social media trainers, here’s our fight plan for YouTube:

Reach new viewers through keyword search and SEO techniques. Since YouTube is owned by Google, there are a few techniques that will help your videos rank higher in search:

  • Create an eye-catching title with a topic that is well searched online. Keywords count!
  • Write lengthy descriptions with back links to your website and popular keywords that describe your company.
  • Use at least 10 tags per video. Remember that video tags are plural and non-plural sensitive.

The decision:

Like a great title fight, this goes down to the wire and the judge’s scorecard!

Facebook and YouTube video can serve different purposes, but both are equally important to online marketing. Facebook is best for connecting with your followers and for using with the platform’s targeting, while YouTube is better served as a search engine to discover your brand.

The fight is far from over between these two heavyweights, but have a huge potential to support your brand.

How do you score it?

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