The Good, The Bad, The Necessary: The Importance of Social Media “Updates”

Jun 2018

Social media updates are always a hot topic.  You’ve probably wanted to know why these updates happen so frequently and if they are important. Whether it’s an app or just your iPhone, you surely have experienced an update of some kind.  Should we love ‘em or hate ‘em?

The Good

It’s no secret that most updates come with new features to your already beloved app or piece of technology. One example was Instagram creating stories after Snapchat had so much success with its app. This blew up, and people loved the new update.  Another reason why updates are great is because of those digital gremlins and glitches we experience. Updates can fix those problems. Technology is not always perfect, and it takes trial and error to get everything working correctly. So while aesthetics and new features are great, functionality is just as crucial for updates.

The Bad

Creature of habit?  Then you probably aren’t a big fan of updates.  If you struggle with change, you probably shutter every time a new version of your app or smartphone software appears.  Occasionally when updates happen, we lose access to functions we had before. We also get these updates with little to no explanation. Snapchat experienced the backlash when it updated with a redesign. Users were so unhappy with the new layout and look, they created a petition for the app to revert the update. Ultimately Snapchat ended up taking their consumers into consideration and adjusted the layout to a similar design as before. Another example is iPhone iOS updates.  These happen every few months, and while they are intended to enhance the user experience, they are not always welcomed with open arms.

The Necessary

Friend or Foe?  Either way, the updates usually optimize your experience.  Yes, change can be difficult, but if you want your app or device to perform at its best, consider embracing the latest versions.   One tip, give it a few days and make sure the update doesn’t cause massive problems. From time to time, the new software and device don’t get along so well, so keep an eye out for other users’ experiences with the updates.  At the time, an update might seem like it’s just ruined your entire world; but within no time, you’ll likely forget what it was like before. Change is good; and technology has to evolve to keep consumers interested.

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