Leveraging Influencers in Your Video Marketing Campaign

Jun 2018

Leveraging Influencers in Your Video Marketing Campaign


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably noticed more and more brands leverage influencers in their video marketing strategies. Don’t expect this trend to stop any time soon! Influencer video marketing has and continues to be a driving force for brands looking to grow their audience and meet their KPI’s through social media. Here’s how to get started in planning your influencer video marketing campaign:


Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience will result in a successful video marketing campaign. The same applies to selecting which influencers are right for your brand. You must have a clear idea of who you want to reach and how you want to deliver your message. Once that’s decided, proceed to finding the right influencer that meets your brand’s needs. To do this, analyze their content (i.e., actually WATCH their videos!), their social voice, how their fans engage with them and visualize your potential influencer sharing your brand’s story through their platform. Once you connect with an influencer that you’re confident in, communication will be key to successful storytelling!


Establish a Relationship with the Influencer

An inauthentic delivery is the last thing you want to come out of your video marketing campaign. Establishing a relationship with your influencers will help them better understand your product or service, making it easier for them to promote your brand or service organically. Plan ahead to give your influencers time to become a true advocate of your product. This will help improve your relationships and add to the video content they’re creating for you.


Trust the Influencer

Micro-managing the influencer’s social voice is probably one of the biggest (and most common) mistakes most brands make. Influencers have worked hard to gain their audience’s trust, thus leading them to become the powerful voices they are today. Rather than handing them a script of your brand’s story, work collaboratively with your influencers so they feel part of your brand. Influencers know what resonates with their fans; trust them and don’t be afraid to request for a couple revisions to ensure your influencers are addressing your key talking points while staying true and consistent to their social voice.


Leveraging influencers in video marketing is a great way to expand your brand reach to a whole new audience and build brand authority. The keys are to understand your objective, identify the right influencers for your audience, and work collaboratively to make the process as smooth sailing as possible. Have you had experience working with influencers in your video marketing campaigns? Like us on Facebook to share your experience and insight!


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