The Art of Uncommon Organization at KWSM

Dec 2022

The Art of Uncommon Organization at KWSMAt KWSM, we live by a set of seven core values that guides us in serving our clients and each other to the best of our abilities. Organization is one of the most important core values we embrace. As a team, we take typical organization one step further. Discover what being uncommonly organized looks like at KWSM.

KWSM Core Values: Uncommonly Organized

At KWSM, we define uncommonly organized as the following:

We take ownership of our individual tasks and the projects we’re involved in. We don’t drop balls – and if it looks like something is off track, we speak up in time to get support. We understand that agency work is dynamic and requires flexibility. Because we maintain strong systems for email, task and time management, we are able to meet these challenges head-on.”

As a digital marketing agency, we can juggle many projects simultaneously. Organization is the key to successfully delivering the best work, and our team goes above and beyond typical organization tactics. As a group of A-players, we find a variety of ways to keep client projects on track and continuously deliver our best work. From using project management software, like Teamwork, and internal Excel sheets to Google calendar time blocking and beyond, our team uses a variety of systems to make sure no balls are dropped. 

Core Value Fundamental Behaviors

As part of living our core values daily, we’ve adopted fundamental behaviors that help define these values even further. On a weekly basis, we focus on a different fundamental behavior to help execute our core values with excellence. There are three behaviors associated with being uncommonly organized. 

1. Priorities: Tackle a lengthy ‘to-do’ list and shift priorities tracking what’s most important

No day is the same when working at KWSM. We can have many tasks on our daily and weekly to-do lists that must be accomplished to support our clients. And as part of navigating the changing landscape of marketing and helping our clients meet their goals, the priority of those tasks can fluctuate. It’s crucial to determine what is most important to make the biggest impact. A typical day starts with identifying which three things need to be accomplished today. Once we’ve organized that list, we begin to tackle those tasks first.

2. Deadlines: Stay focused, and plan your time in order to meet all internal and client deadlines

The second and most crucial part of staying uncommonly organized is being aware and ahead of your deadlines. For many of our clients, it’s important to strategize weeks to months ahead of time. Internally, we need to be on top of every element of the process. From brainstorming and creation to review, it’s important to set up achievable deadlines to ensure your team can give their best and that you deliver your best work to your client.

3. Client Work: Be consistently ready with a status update on any client project

Staying uncommonly organized ensures you have a snapshot of what your clients need at all times. As we’ve seen in the last several years, things can change in an instant. Knowing what your client is currently doing, which projects are in the works, and what is planned for the coming months will help you navigate any situation. 

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