Monty Gets Promoted! | KWSM San Diego’s Newest Copywriter

Dec 2022

KWSM San DiegoKWSM San Diego is crushing it! In addition to Savana and Niamh’s recent title changes, Junior Copywriter Monty Montgomery has been promoted to Copywriter.


Monty joined the KWSM team on October 6th, 2021, and he actually started in our Orange County office before moving to sunny San Diego a few months later.


When Monty first joined the team, it was obvious how passionate he is about his craft and how eager he was to hit the ground running for our clients. Not only did he strive to take on as many projects as his bandwidth allowed, but he also made an extra effort to proactively seek out feedback and really hone his skills as quickly as possible.


This tenacity for growth and commitment to excellence have been consistent from Monty since day one, and it is exactly why our whole team cheers him on as he accepts this well-deserved promotion to Copywriter.


To celebrate Monty’s promotion, I asked him to tell me a bit about his professional journey.


What writing experience did you have before joining the KWSM team?

I rode the Fiverr train as a content and speechwriter for nearly a year before joining KWSM. Started out selling articles for $5, whether they were 500 words or 2,500, and did that for about eight months (while slowly scaling up) before snagging a staff writer job for a magazine in Colorado. Then, I used that portfolio to get my foot in the door at KWSM.


What do you love about agency writing?

I’ve enjoyed learning how to quickly shift gears with voice and tone from client to client – this has been so insightful. Agency writing forces you to pivot nonstop, since you’re writing for a shuffled deck of industries. This aspect of agency life has tested and grown my skills.


Do you write in your free time?

You can always find me on Medium after hours. I constantly wrote as a kid, so writing short stories, quick memoir pieces, and poetry help me get back to my roots after a day of writing on behalf of businesses. 


How did you expand your industry knowledge/expertise in order to earn this promotion?

There were three areas to improve before moving up at the agency: my SEO knowledge, skill in shifting voice and tone, and social media copy quality. KWSM’s SEO specialist, Cash, helped me a lot in shaping my knowledge of keyword research. I took an outside copywriting course to help with ghostwriting, and our CEO, Katie, trained me weekly in social media writing. In short, learning from my teammates played a big role.


What does this promotion represent to you?

Not to get too deep, but it represents the start of a career path I truly love. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and now it’s my job – that feels invaluable.


Messages from the KWSM Team

“It’s one thing to be a naturally gifted writer, and another to be willing and able to improve over time – Monty is all of the above. Not only is writing very clearly in his blood, but he has also committed himself to stepping out of his comfort zone, learning new skills, seeking out feedback, and growing into a copywriting and content creation powerhouse. With this combination of natural gifting and hard work, he has become such a valuable resource for and a treasured member of our team.” – Meredith Ashburn, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist


“Monty’s passion for copywriting shines through with everything he does. His ability to capture the voice and tone for a variety of clients in different industries makes him a great asset to KWSM. I admire his tenacity and commitment to producing high-quality work and we’re lucky to have him as a part of our team!” – Taylor Lizura, Director of Accounts


“Whether it’s a blog, website copy, video script, press release, media pitch, or more, Monty identifies the right voice and tone for each audience. He lives by a steadfast mission statement – that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to shaping a client’s brand voice. That mantra serves KWSM’s clients well by personally connecting them with their prospects through powerful relationship-building writing.” –  Jeff Soto, Vice President of Client Relations


“I love Monty’s passion, positivity, and authenticity. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I admire his ability to seek out feedback and use it to grow. He’s always looking to improve and take on new challenges – and he’s the first to have a co-worker’s back when someone needs help with a project. As he enters the next phase of his career, I’m excited to see what’s ahead for Monty. His talent and drive are impressive.”  – Katie Wagner, President


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