Two KWSM San Diego Team Members Earn Title Changes

Dec 2022

kwsm san diegoAt KWSM San Diego, we’re celebrating a couple of recent title changes – Junior Digital Marketing Specialist Niamh Varian has now become a Junior Content Creator and Digital Marketing Specialist Savana Harris is now a Digital Marketing Strategist.


Niamh originally joined our team’s San Diego office in April 2022. This was her first job out of college, and she was eager to learn the ropes of digital marketing at an agency. After getting her feet wet in all the different aspects of the digital world, she discovered that her true passion was social media content creation.


Not only was Niamh vocal about her passion for content, she also showed an exceptional aptitude for it with skill in graphics, video, and copywriting. This combination of enjoyment and skill made it clear that content creation was Niamh’s Zone of Genius – an area that would let her play to her natural strengths and enjoy her work.


Savana joined KWSM San Diego in July 2021, hitting the ground running by sharing her creative ideas with our team. It didn’t take her long to develop strong relationships with her clients and teammates across all KWSM offices. 


After a year of hard work and dedication to growing her craft, supporting her clients’ goals, earning various certifications, and exploring her passion for digital marketing, she has officially earned a title change to Digital Marketing Strategist – a role that highlights her creativity, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking.


At KWSM, finding each team member’s Zone of Genius and making sure we are all ‘sitting in the right seats is one of our agency’s primary initiatives. Once we identify an opportunity for a team member to contribute in an area that aligns with both their passion and their skillset, KWSM’s Leadership Team works hard to help design a career path for that team member.


To celebrate Niamh and Savana’s title changes, we asked them to tell us a bit about what agency life has been like for them at KWSM San Diego.


Tell us about your journey joining the team. 


Niamh: The story of how I joined the team is a little unusual. My first Zoom interview was back in October 2021, as I was still living in my hometown of Cork City, Ireland at the time. I planned to move to San Diego shortly after the interview, but delays due to COVID-19 meant I couldn’t make my way to the states until April 2022. Luckily, KWSM was flexible with my start date, so after countless emails back and forth and setting up “virtual coffee” chats with my future colleagues in the San Diego office for 6 months, I was finally able to move here and begin my position as Junior Digital Marketing Specialist.


Savana: I moved to San Diego from Texas in July 2021 and began my career with KWSM as a Digital Marketing Specialist. At the time, we all worked remotely and I hadn’t met any team members in person. I quickly learned how KWSM’s leadership team prioritized facilitating a strong team dynamic by regularly connecting via Zoom. I was immediately welcomed with open arms and felt the same care and support that I would had I started in the office. The team’s ability to make me feel supported even through a computer screen was something I was really impressed and comforted by – I knew I had made the right decision.


Why is the work you do in your new role your favorite part of digital marketing?


Niamh: I’ve always had an interest in the visual aspect of digital marketing. I love the process – starting with the strategy and transforming the written copy into aesthetically pleasing graphics to use on social media, email campaigns and ads. I like that every task is different. I get to craft content for unique audiences on different platforms which allows me to get creative for every client I work with.


Savana: There are several things I enjoy about the Digital Marketing Strategist role. My personal and professional skills translated smoothly into the client communication and project management aspects, and I was ready to have a better understanding of data analysis and SEO. The part that excites me the most now is analyzing client performance and strategizing plans based on those metrics. I love collaborating with team members and brainstorming ways to meet and exceed my clients’ goals.


How do you stay knowledgeable about trends in your area of marketing?


Niamh: As someone that’s on social media daily, I see the trends come and go. I like to follow and subscribe to marketing platforms that discuss upcoming trends, editing tricks, and the latest news within the content creation industry. For my clients, I spend time throughout my week analyzing their competitors and taking note of the content that appears on their social media feeds. 


Savana: To stay up-to-date on trends, I look at what competitors are doing and make industry research a regular part of my weekly process. Luckily, YouTube has an answer for almost everything now. When I see a client’s competitor publish something new, whether it’s a new type of social media post, blog structure, web feature, etc, I think about whether that tactic makes sense for my client, and if it does, I start researching ways to implement it.


Why do you believe this new role suits your Zone of Genius?


Niamh: I believe the role of a Junior Content Creator suits my zone of genius because I love to problem solve and think outside the box, and that is essential in the content world! Planning out mini product photoshoots, creating Instagram reels, and designing new graphics and templates gets me excited to come to work every day. The opportunities for new creative inspiration are endless. 


Savana: My zone of genius is forming lasting relationships with clients, and this is a huge component of my role and my passion as a Digital Marketing Strategist. I believe in my ability to build relationships with my clients and represent all that KWSM has to offer their businesses. 


What are you most looking forward to in this new role?


Niamh: I am excited to be given the opportunity to work with new clients in industries I’m not as familiar with, and I’m excited to showcase their brand in a creative way. Many clients come in thinking that their brand has to be dry because of the field they’re in, and I’m excited to show them that their content can be engaging and make an impact.


Savana: I look forward to growing my strategic thinking skills. I feel that I have great ideas to contribute to my team and am excited to use data and creativity together to introduce more innovative solutions, not just for my own clients, but also for other businesses that KWSM serves. 


Messages from the KWSM Team


“I have been fortunate enough to see Niamh’s aptitude for content creation firsthand as we work on a few client accounts together, and WOW. Her eye for design and detail is truly special, and her passion shines in every post she makes. She never throws something together without a reason – her content is just as strategic as it is engaging, and that, to me, is the sign of someone who’s in the right seat.” – Meredith Ashburn, Digital Marketing Strategist


“Savana is a go-getter. She set her sights on a title change and worked tirelessly to earn it. I am continually impressed with her dedication to professional development and hunger to learn and grow in her role here at KWSM.” – Taylor Lizura, Director of Accounts


“Niamh’s eye for creativity impressed me within the first week of us working on accounts together. Since the beginning, she’s been excited to share ideas that have added value to the accounts she touches. From engaging reels to eye-catching graphics, she identifies what best fits the client’s branding and does a great job executing.” – Savana Harris, Digital Marketing Strategist


“Savana embodies all of KWSM’s core values, which is why I believe she makes a great Digital Marketing Strategist. I have been working closely with Savanna since I began at KWSM, and each day she amazes me with her deep understanding of her clients and her ability to create creative solutions. Her dedication to her work and the agency is outstanding.” – Niamh Varian, Junior Content Creator


“We’re lucky to have both Niamh and Savana on the KWSM Team. Niamh is in a new role, a new field, and a new country, and I really admire the way she pushes herself to learn and grow without any fear or hesitation. She is driven and determined, and I have loved seeing her passion for content bloom over the time we have worked together. Savana is one of the cultural leaders of our team. She is kind and collaborative, which makes her a great partner for both her teammates and her clients. She cares deeply about getting results for the clients she works with, and has invested a lot of energy into continuing to grow her skillset as a marketer. Both of these women are examples of what makes the KWSM Team so special.” – Katie Wagner, President


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