The 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Social Media

Mar 2016
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Epiphanies come in all shapes and sizes; consider this your come to Katie moment. Here are the five signs it’s time for your business to outsource your social media channels.

Posts Are Inconsistent

Posting on social media is like working out; you can’t take a break for an entire year and then expect to win a marathon without training. Virtually all of the popular platforms require you to have a consistent presence in order to earn the engagement you desire. If you’re not posting on a routine basis, you might as well not be posting at all.

You’re Out of Touch With the Trends

Admitting you’re out of touch with the trends is the first step towards social media recovery. This online obsession is ever changing and if you’re not committed to the fast lane of social media, scoot over and let someone else take the wheel. An in-touch expert cannot only improve your credibility, but they can prevent you from embarrassing yourself on social media.

You Aren’t Seeing Results

I could dedicate years of my life to becoming a professional painter but I know I’d never be half as good as Picasso, so why bother wasting my time? If your business profiles on social media aren’t earning you the results you want, hire a pro that can get you there.

It feels Like an Added Chore

If your heart is not in it, it’ll show. Social media isn’t the cat’s meow for everyone and if it feels like a chore to you, you’ll never be good at it. Hire someone with a passion for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and every other channel out there.

You Simply Don’t Have the Time

Time is our most precious commodity and if you’re focused on growing your business, hire someone else to specialize on the social media portion of operations. Remember, you will always be the heart of your business but a social media strategist can be the vein that pumps your brand message to new outlets.

If these five signs sound familiar, contact a social media agency that can bring your digital goals to life. For more social media tips that can improve your business, follow us on Facebook.

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