3 Ways to Maximize Your Business Partnerships on Social Media

Apr 2016
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Though reluctant to admit it, most successful small business owners suffer the ‘sophomore slump.’ Following the initial growth phase, it can be tough to keep momentum rolling as new challenges present themselves and growing pains halt expansion. However, as is true in every other facet of life, we get by with a little help from our friends! Business partnerships aren’t just for referrals or support; they can be leveraged to boost your business’ exposure, particularly in regards to your social media presence.


  1. Guest-Blogging

It’s no secret that blogging will help improve your company’s SEO, but depending on your industry or who actually writes the blog, your topics and tone tend to get stale if you are not consistently finding ways to keep your content fresh. Fortunately, the easiest way to accomplish that is by adding another voice and perspective to the mix – your business partner’s! The entire professional blogging industry began as a way for businesses to connect with influencers who promoted their products as a ‘soft sell’ versus the hard sell of hiring traditional spokespeople. Frequently, our clients will partner with other brands or bloggers and do a blog exchange, often culminating in a giveaway or contest.

  1. Instagram Takeover

A trend that was swept social media over the past year is something called an Instagram Takeover. Exactly like it sounds, your partner is given the login information and a set window of time to post on your account as themselves to promote their products and services, and vice versa. For an effective takeover, it’s important to announce it to your followers with enough advance that you can allow them to build buzz and of course, so that they are not confused when it actually goes into effect. Then, you must ensure that your partner also announces on their account – the most vital piece of the exchange. The entire purpose is to place your business squarely in front of an entirely new audience, i.e., your partner’s. To do so, they must first make it clear to their followers that they wholly endorse you.

  1. Promote Their Contests & Special Offers

One of the best things you can give to your audience is special access to contests and offers, even if they aren’t for your product or service. This value-added content that may not pay off in the short run, can be tremendously powerful when it does come time to explicitly direct your customers to take action. Signing up for your newsletter, commenting on a contest, or sharing your newest product demo video is suddenly much easier when you’ve already held up your end of the bargain. Of course, agreeing to promote your partners initiatives also means that the favor will be returned, ensuring successful campaigns that are bolstered by a network of support.

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