Spring Marketing Trends to Try

Apr 2022

spring marketing trendsLike fashion, marketing trends can come and go, but the best content strategies live forever. Content marketing continues to help many businesses thrive in this growing market. This spring, refresh your marketing strategy with some everlasting content staples and test out new techy tactics that will keep your target audience engaged. 

Interactive Content

In business, content is still king. But you can’t expect the same results from static and stock images. Consumers are not just looking for solutions; they also crave entertainment. Interactive content such as polls, quizzes, guides, and infographics is a simple way to educate your audience, keep them engaged, and generate leads. As Buzzfeed has shown, you can create light and fun quizzes, guides, and infographics too. Keep your questions and information simple and fun and design your content in a way that makes users want to share with their networks. Not only will you entertain your current audience, but you’ll also learn a lot about them and reach new prospects. 

Augmented Reality

Though we may not want to admit it, we’ve all tested out a novelty filter on Instagram and Snapchat at some point. The reason why this marketing trend has stuck around is that it works! The technology that first added puppy dog ears to our faces is now being used for virtual fitting rooms and living rooms. Brands have adapted this fun feature to help consumers get a better hands-on experience with the products they are looking for. Many are also using Google Lens to capture the photos on their website in Google image search. Even if you don’t have AR in the works, you can still use this same image search tactic by optimizing your website photos to include searchable titles and descriptions. This will allow your business to rank highly in organic searches.


The question that continues to circle around board rooms this decade is, “are influencers worth it?” If you’re still on the fence about jumping on the influencer bandwagon, you may want to reconsider. Influencer marketing has come a long way from celebrities like Paris Hilton eating a Carl’s Jr. burger. Micro-influencers, those with 1K – 100K followers, are helping many businesses reach their ideal audiences in the most authentic way possible. Since 2020, micro-influencers have caused a 130% increase in social media engagement. Think about how many more eyes you could have on your content!

This high engagement with micro-influences is due to their overall brand. Because of their small follower counts, they typically have more real engagement from their followers and can make a real influence. They typically are more relatable and have genuine connections with their followers. Micro-influencers are also much lighter on businesses’ wallets. Many are open to product exchanges or have low rates for very high-quality content.


Podcasts, short audio clips, and voice search are marketing trends that have continued to grow in popularity. The simplicity of recording videos on your phone or even via zoom has made audio and video content accessible for businesses with even the smallest of budgets. There are many ways your company can test this trend out in your marketing strategy

Start with your FAQs or popular blogs and create a graphical clip of this content using your recorded voiceover. Using programs like Canva can help you easily marry these audio and visual elements together and create content that can be posted on social channels or even embedded into your website.

These spring marketing trends can be creative elements to add to your content marketing plan. Before diving into these new tactics, be sure to understand the goal of your campaigns and keep your audiences’ needs in mind.

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