KWSM Team Celebrations: April’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Show-Down

Apr 2022

kwsm teamThe KWSM team recently gathered via Zoom for April’s Team Celebrations – a special meeting where all four offices honor the birthdays, workiversaries, and new team members who joined our agency during the month. 


In April, we are celebrating the birthdays of Digital Marketing Strategist David Jones and Junior Copywriter Monty Montgomery, as well as the arrival of our newest team member (all the way from Ireland!) Junior Digital Marketing Strategist Niamh Varian.


Our Celebrations Committee decided to plan two games that would spark our creativity and bring out the healthy competition we all love. 


Here’s How April’s KWSM Team Celebrations Went Down


Mad Libs

The first game tested our wordsmithing skills, collaboration, and ability to think outside the box with mad libs! Using the names of our honorees, the KWSM team worked together to create a story that had us all laughing. Check it out:


It’s Monday morning and Monty is leading Huddle. The mood feels squishy because David showed up dressed as a porcupine

As soon as they popped on the screen, the whole team exclaimed, “good gravy!” Katie addressed the tiger in the room and asked what was going on. Before she could get a response, Niamh spit out her morning cup of wine because, just then in KWSM’s Las Vegas office, famous singer Rick Astley showed up to ask for help with his new song “Warm in the Blanket.” 

Everyone was so excited to work with this new, renowned client, but suddenly, he turned around to leave! When asked why he had changed his mind, he said that he saw David dressed as a Porcupine and thought, ”I prefer warthogs.” 


In the next round, we collaborated to make a fake client inquiry – thankfully, the strangest one our agency would have ever received:



We are an up-and-coming startup based in Narnia that develops smart biscuits, our name is Rubber Duck ” (from the Latin word “possimpible,” meaning “phytoplankton”). Our business is still very young as we have just finished the Kickstarter campaign for our Bluetooth-enabled venus fly traps. We don’t have a good logo yet and we actually need one before the end of this week because the pre-ordered biscuits are going into production next week.

We would like to have a salty, recognizable icon for our logo. The logo should be easily embroidered on suspenders, so no complex designs. The icon should appear silly and not too hangry.

Can you help us out?


The best part of this activity was hearing every member of the KWSM team shout out the first word that came to their mind and then working together to decide which one would be the best fit (without knowing the story we were creating, of course). As we read the completed stories aloud, everyone was laughing.


Then came the competition… 


The Rock, Paper, Scissors Show-Down

Thanks to our Celebrations Committee who made a tournament bracket for our team, each of us was able to participate in a 1-1 face-off against another team member, competing in a “best two out of three” Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge. With each round, the team cheered and one by one the winners rose until only two were left standing. 



In the end, it was Junior Copywriter Epiphany Hunter who took the victory! She “shoots,” she scores! 


This month’s Team Celebrations brought us all together in one of my favorite ways – laughter. We get the opportunity to collaborate with each other on work projects every day, so activities like this allow us to get to know each other in more personal ways and add an element of friendship into our partnership on projects – how fun is that?



Are you ready to be part of a team that celebrates you?

We want to work with people who are passionate, social, and creative. If you have the ability to get excited and roll up your sleeves to serve our clients, we might be the work-family you’re looking for!

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Meredith Ashburn

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