Simple Tips for Becoming an Instagram Instaguru

Jan 2017
Photo credit: luckymevienna

With more than 300 million active users and 4.2 billion daily post likes, it’s no surprise that businesses are flocking to Instagram to tell their stories through the popular visual-based social media platform. Businesses from a myriad of consumer-driven industries are turning to Instagram to amp up their digital marketing efforts. Don’t be left behind – here are tips your company can use to create its story on the most mobile social media platform.

Cultivate your story

Visual content is more in-demand than ever before, so it’s essential for your business to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Establish your business’ visual brand identity using no more than three themes to ensure each photo perfectly transitions to the next. Choose photos to represent the brand that will provide value for your followers. This is your business’ opportunity to tell a story, so feature products or services that appeal to your target audience.

Create and share your content

Photo quality is everything. Use only high-resolution photos and third-party editing apps to enhance your photos. Choose 2-3 Instagram filters to create a consistent ebb and flow to your visual storytelling. Instagram is more than just a platform to highlight your products; it’s also a way to take consumers behind the scenes of your business. Take storytelling to the next level with Instagram video, which is a great tool for increasing brand awareness. Instagram exposes your followers to video content first, so if you want more people to see your posts, be sure to share video.

Hashtag your way into the hearts of your followers

Nurture your following by using hashtags to find relevant Instagram users in your niche. Expand your reach by following influencers, brands and other users who may be interested in purchasing or promoting your product. Use hashtags that are practically always trending on Instagram. Users who follow those hashtags may like and interact with your posts when they see them in the feed. Too many hashtags make your posts look clumsy, so try putting a few in your post and adding more in the comments. Experimentation will help you to determine what works best with your followers.

Engagement is key

It’s important to engage people on and off your page. Encourage others to follow you by liking and commenting on popular photos and mentioning the creator and other commenters. Engage your followers by a call-to-action that encourages comments and mention those who comment when replying. Finally, try running a hashtag campaign and feature your followers in your photos.

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