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Jan 2017

Instagram is stepping up its advertising game with full-screen, immersive vertical videos ads to its Stories feature. Meanwhile, Twitter is shutting down its Dashboard app after only six months, and Snapchat is giving digital Instagram Stories Ads, Snapchat Deep-Linking, Twitter Dashboard App Shutdown | Social Media Trendsmarketers more power by testing deep-linking within ads in this week’s trending social media news.

Twitter Does Away With Dashboard App

 Twitter’s Dashboard App, which offered businesses a single destination to monitor their mentions as well as the option to schedule out tweets, will cease operation on February 3.

Although no specific reason has been given for shutting down the feature, it could very well be an attempt on behalf of the platform to streamline its services as it sets its focus on live video streaming and other features.

The social giant has stated it eventually hopes to integrate some of the best features offered in dashboard into its main app for all users.

What are your thoughts on this latest Twitter news? Did you utilize the Dashboard app for your branding social needs?

Snapchat Gives Advertisers Center Stage With Deep Linking

 Snapchat is not taking a back seat when it comes to developing new innovative ways to connect advertisers with its core audience.

 The platform has recently started to test a feature that will allow advertisers the options to deep-link within immersive video ads, giving users the ability to not only easily visit a site outside of the app itself by swiping up on an ad, but also opting for an auto-fill option for lead generation forms.

Digital marketers of all backgrounds will surely welcome these options with open arms, as it will allow for a better grasp over their audience. At the same time, the process will eliminate several steps – making it easier to generate new traffic to advertisers’ websites.

How will you use Snapchat’s latest features for your digital advertising strategy?

Instagram Adds Insights and Ads To Stories

Instagram is giving advertisers what they’ve been waiting for with both new ad features and analytics tools for its popular Stories feature.

The latest feature will allow businesses to create immersive, full-screen videos to engage audiences. Coupled with the platform’s powerful targeting options, the new ads feature will be a great way to create more leads and drive traffic like never before.

Although there has yet to be any official word on when the feature will be opened up to all businesses, major corporations from Netflix to Nike have been currently testing the Stories ad feature with stellar results.

We know how hard it can be at times to stay up to date in the ever-changing world of social media.

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