Repurposed Content: Recycling Works for Digital Marketing, Too

Apr 2020

As a business, it is essential to keep your digital marketing innovative and relevant. Consumers are looking for the latest product, tip, or idea, and it’s your job to provide content that speaks to them. While new content is typically shared across channels, there is also benefit in digging up content you’ve shared in the past. Whether you offer a new spin on an old Facebook post or a previous blog becomes on-topic again, repurposed content can maximize resources and have a big impact on your business.

Reach a New Audience

As you build your brand, your audience becomes invested and expects a certain caliber and type of content. If your social media strategy is working, why change things up? Consider new followers who are exploring your brand for the first time. Repurposing a previous blog post as an infographic for a visual learner, or creating a short quote post from a longer one, gives your entire audience more ways to connect with your brand. Posts on social media are short-lived, and some information may still be relevant. Use it to your advantage.

Save Time and Energy

Managing social media takes time and energy, and repurposing content helps free up your resources. For example, filming a new video can be time-consuming and costly. Consider how previous content could be relevant to your brand today. Reinvigorate a video by re-editing, or use b-roll in a fresh way. If an e-book is in the works, compile already written blog posts as chapters. You’ve already put in the time and energy; brainstorm how you could give old information a new life. 

Increase Visibility

Sharing repurposed content can have a surprising impact on SEO, as it allows you to target the same keywords for different pieces of content. By publishing quality content on similar topics, your company may gain notoriety as an expert. Search engine rankings could improve, as well as organic visibility. If your content resonates with your audience, its reach will continue to grow.

Give yourself a much-needed break and try repurposing content. Whether you’ve lost your creative juices, simply don’t have the resources, or want to better connect with your audience, there is value in recycling ideas. Plus, it gives you time to start on that new and exciting content you’ve been meaning to create.


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