Pivot Your Business Strategy in the Las Vegas Market

Mar 2020

las vegas strip aerial viewHas the quarantine mandate in Las Vegas closed your business?  We’ve seen what has happened on the Las Vegas strip. Small businesses are suffering too.  One of the things that some business owners are doing is reinventing themselves and looking at how they can be nimble in these times. In extreme circumstances, show your customers that you can adapt to changes in the environment or industry.

Whether it’s dining, retail, hospitality, or entertainment on the b2c level, or you are working with other companies in a b2b model, your business needs to adjust.

Start by pivoting your business’ marketing strategy. 

Why Do You Pivot A Business?

You may pivot your business strategy because you are scaling up or down, your products or services may have changed, or when sudden and unexpected events occur. Pivoting a business means making changes because you are not meeting the needs of your intended audience. Staying on top of changes from your audience or the market, especially in times of crisis, helps you remain knowledgeable and relevant

Making an effort matters to customers at the moment and your business’ well-being in the long-run. Pivoting can make new opportunities for growth or diversify your offerings. Consider new industries, and provide new or different products or services. You may even expand your revenue.

How Do You Pivot A Business?

Ask yourself questions about your offerings with consideration to the Las Vegas market. Where can you improve? Who is your audience? Which audience are you missing out on with your current strategy? Which other businesses could you partner with? Assessing what your business offers, what it could offer in the future, and who the audience is are great places to start. With the quarantine in effect, you may find that your audience needs to change temporarily.

For example, hotel-casinos in Las Vegas have shut down, and they have practically ceased their online presence. Two big hotel properties, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, have chosen to show their partnerships with local food banks after they announced their closures. These businesses have chosen to embrace the community as their marketing strategy while remaining closed. 

Where Do You Find A Resource?

Assistance has shifted to online resources for the most part, so search for a quality resource. Articles and news sources hold information that may offer options for your industry.  One way you can build or reconnect with your audience is by using a strong digital marketing strategy. Is there a way you can address your business to get feedback on their needs and wants?

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megaphoneLas Vegas hosted approximately 3.33M visitors in February 2020.

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