Keeping Your Business Afloat During the Uncertainty of Coronavirus

Mar 2020

As a marketing agency, we see first hand with our clients how a pandemic like COVID-19 can turn businesses in all industries upside down. In these uncertain times, it’s crucial to understand the best practices for keeping your business strong and healthy.


Here are 3 tips to help your business get through the coronavirus pandemic.



Stay Informed


The most important tip during this time is to stay updated with correct and accurate information. Gather your information from unbiased, reliable sources like the CDC


As you’re staying in the loop, make sure your employees are doing the same. At KWSM, we have designated a team member as our in-house “coronavirus authority.” He’s responsible for updating all of us when new information becomes available, as well as answering any questions we may have about the virus or how to stay safe. The more you can prepare and educate your employees, the better chance they have of making informed decisions and staying healthy.



Take Your Events Digital


We all know that large gatherings have been prohibited as the virus spreads. However, thanks to digital tools, there are new ways to stay connected even when miles apart. 


For example, if your organization was planning to host a 5K this spring, don’t cancel it  – just take it online! Encourage anyone who signed up to run independently and track their distance using a fitness app or device. This way, you’re able to continue promoting your event and cause, and still able to use the occasion to connect with your audience.


Getting creative with digital resources could be just the thing to keep your business going during this challenging time.



Get Creative Now for More Business Later


Don’t be afraid to keep marketing during the outbreak, and use this time to try new promotions!


Let’s say you own a restaurant — obviously, the food industry is hurting right now. But you can offer coupons now for customers to use at a later date. Prompt interested users on your website or social media posts to enter their emails and/or purchase a gift voucher, and voila! Now you have more contacts for your email list and more prospective customers in the future. (Plus, gift card sales help cash flow now.)


Though the payoff isn’t immediate, preparing like this will help your business dive right back into success when you open up again.



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