New Tools to Market Your Business on Twitter

Mar 2021

In 2020, many retailers noticed an increase in their e-commerce activity, thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown. E-commerce sales were around $861 billion, which is up 44% from 2019. It looks like shopping online will probably continue to be popular in the post-pandemic world; most consumers have become comfortable with purchasing their necessities online and have found it to be quite convenient. Almost every platform allows your company to advertise and sell goods or services on social media, and now Twitter is ready to help businesses boost their online sales with their new Twitter Cards. 


There are four different Twitter Cards being tested right now:

Summary Card – Shows users a snapshot of what they’ll find on your website.

Summary Card With Large Image – Showcases the same content from the summary card but with a larger image displayed in the post to grab attention.

App Cards – Displays a preview of your app icon along with any pricing or rating information you want to include.

Player Cards – Features a segment of your podcast or a video clip.


More Space, More Information

One of the hardest parts of using Twitter is ensuring that you stay within the 280 character limit, but when you utilize a Twitter Card your character limit will increase. Twitter Cards give you the ability to include pricing, a product name, a description, an image, and the business name all in one tweet. Before this new feature businesses had to sacrifice some of the details because they ran out of space, but now you can include more details to captivate your audience. 

Visuals Gain Attention

With all four of the new Twitter Cards, your organization will be able to stand out with a more visual post. Not everyone on Twitter takes the time to include pictures in posts, so at times Twitter can feel like an overwhelming amount of text. Incorporating visual components will help your content look more exciting to consumers. If your business is launching a new line of products you might want to take advantage of the summary card with a large image so that you can really highlight your items. Your large image could include pictures, demonstrations of the product, or important statistics to sell your items. Utilizing one of the Twitter Cards will make marketing your business on Twitter more eye-catching which could lead to more clicks per post and more user engagement. 

A Button with a Purpose

Twitter is also testing a new “Shop” button on posts to send users to e-commerce stores directly. The bold button will create a call to action for consumers and make navigating to the purchasing page a little more enticing. Previously, posts simply had an image with a link at the bottom, but with a much larger visual aspect, this new button will draw more attention than the previous formatting. Users will be more aware that the purpose of the post is to direct them to a page where they can purchase the item(s). 


These new features are still in the early stages but Twitter is working to make the platform more “shoppable” and allow companies to advertise their products in a more appealing way. Twitter understands that their users turn to the platform to discuss their favorite products or even interact with a business, so it is time to become a discovery network where users can easily purchase items. Twitter Cards will help businesses turn real-time conversions with their audience into revenue.


67% of businesses are using Twitter as a marketing tool.


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