Tips for Twitter Marketing in 2021

Twitter for Businesses

To be effective in your social media strategy it is important to take the time to plan and research to develop your core objectives.


Taking the time to strategize helps you connect with your target audience, tap into key trends, and ensures that you utilize best practices. 


When it comes to best practices for Twitter marketing in 2021, we’ve done the research portion for you. Read on to discover some tips for your Twitter marketing strategy so you can continue achieving your goals and objectives this year. 


Optimize Your Profile


Have you ever heard the expression first impressions are lasting impressions? The same rule applies to your profiles on social media. It is important to customize your company’s Twitter profile so you are recognizable and memorable. 


First things first, be sure that you have a high-resolution image, a username that includes the name of your business, and links to any web pages connected to your brand. 


You will also want to research popular keywords and hashtags for your industry to include in your bio so that users seeking your products and services can find you. 


Utilize Twitter Lists


Twitter Lists allow you to organize different types of accounts and their content into categories. When you open a Twitter List, you only see content posted by the accounts on that list. This can help you more effectively review posts to stay up to date with competitor activities, your target audience, and those who inspire your business. 


A major benefit of Twitter Lists is that you can keep track of accounts without following them. This can help to remind you to engage with your target audience, supporters, and partners. Another perk is that you can create both private and public lists depending on how you want to utilize them for your marketing plan. 


Host a Twitter Chat


Twitter chats are experiencing a surge of popularity due to their ability to engage audiences. A Twitter chat is a conversation that happens on the platform at a certain date and time and is about a specific topic. 


Everyone who wants to participate can find comments, responses, and questions with the unique hashtag that you create for the event. Twitter chats promote interaction and engagement on your page and will get people talking about your brand.


Twitter is a great tool to utilize in your marketing strategy because it expands your reach and works as a search engine tool for prospects to learn about your company. Finding unique ways to promote your brand on Twitter will be beneficial for your social media marketing strategy in 2021. 


Twitter’s user base is predicted to grow 2.4% in 2021. 


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