KWSM Case Study: Improve Lead Generation with SEO, Blogging, and Email

Jan 2023

lead generation case studyDigital lead generation campaigns can effectively boost qualified leads for many industries. However, creating and implementing effective marketing tactics to achieve this goal can be daunting. Discover how we helped one client not only obtain qualified leads from a new audience but also establish themselves as the leader in their industry.

A U.S.-based plastic sheeting supplier was looking to expand their reach nationally to a larger number of growers and builders. This organization contracted KWSM to lead the charge of developing a lead generation strategy to organically drive qualified leads from a newer customer base.

The Challenge

As a well-established business with over 30 years in the industry, this client had the expertise to serve individuals in the agriculture and construction industry. With changes in supply and demand related to the recent pandemic, industry professionals were finding it difficult to obtain their typical supplies from overseas vendors. As a U.S.-based company,  there was an opportunity for this client to establish itself as the industry expert and a leading supplier of plastic sheeting for both growers and builders. Their team challenged us to position their organization as the main source of plastic sheeting without spending any of their budget on ads. With over a decade of digital marketing experience, our team at KWSM was up for this challenge.

Lead Generation Tactics

To increase organic web traffic, build authority in Google searches, and reach new customers, KWSM focused on three main lead generation tactics: SEO optimization, blogging, and email marketing. 

Tactic 1: SEO Optimization

Our strategy began with evaluating the previously written portfolio pages on the company’s website. This process included reviewing the content of those pages and developing a new structure that would push this resource page to the top of Google searches. First, we began with defining the overall subject matter. Then we researched top keywords and phrases and product and application FAQs. Using this information, we developed new copy for each of these pages and included elements such as images, product and application videos, product recommendations, related blogs, and downloadable resources. In total, our team created 18 brand-new resource pages. In addition to these pages, we also updated the meta titles and descriptions of all of the pages on the website. As a result, the client received 965 phone call leads from organic Google searches from January 2022 to September 2022. Compared to the 432 organic phone call leads received for the same period in 2021, this was a 114% YOY increase.

Additionally, SEO improvements on the website led to 230 checkout completions, 36 catalog submissions, 28 contact us form fills, 222 chat box initiations, and 178 pricing request form fills from January 2022 to September 2022. Overall, this was a 48% YOY increase in total organic conversions

Tactic 2: Blogging

Prior to engaging KWSM, this U.S.-based plastic sheeting supplier had created several very informative blog posts on their website. However, their sales team needed to focus their efforts on engaging incoming customers and couldn’t keep up with the high demand for consistent posting. As a result, the company’s organic authority on Google needed improvement. To build this online presence, the KWSM team worked with the company’s sales team to develop blog topics supporting their top customer FAQs, top-selling products, and areas in the construction and agricultural industry they wanted to explore. Together, we were able to achieve weekly highly researched blog posts that included high-ranking keywords. Because of this tactic, the company blogs drove improved website traffic, began to rank as the top results in Google searches, and resulted in more qualified leads from both builders and growers. In 2022, this client received 34 new phone leads from weekly blog posts, versus the 21 leads received in 2021. That is a 61% YOY increase. 

Tactic 3: Email Marketing

Email marketing was the third pillar of KWSM’s strategy to boost industry authority and acquire qualified leads from a new audience. The process began at the start of the year with a heavy focus on a grower’s audience. 

During this time, industry individuals are focused on preparing for the Spring growing season. It’s essential that they have the right plastic sheeting supplies before the weather begins to heat up. We focused our messaging on helping these growers obtain everything they needed and provided expert resources to help them prepare for the season. This was done through a series of email drip sequences and eblasts. Within each of the emails, we included tailored messaging to the location of each grower and the specific sheeting and accessories they needed to be successful. As a result, the sales team was flooded with phone call leads from new untapped markets. We applied this same tactic to the builder’s audience with a focus on summer construction and the launch of a brand-new vapor barrier. Similar to the grower’s emails, these builder eblasts and drip sequences contained personalized messaging and products. 

As a result of these crafted emails for both growers and builders, the sales team received 88 new phone call leads in 2022.


Our combined SEO, blogging, and email marketing efforts resulted in 1,671 total leads from January to September 2022 versus 1,122  organic and email conversions in the prior year. That is a 48% YOY increase. This improved online authority allowed the business owner to command the organic search space for construction and agriculture and more easily convert their leads into loyal customers.

85% of B2B companies say lead generation is their most important marketing goal.

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