Evolving into a Self-Governing Leader with KWSM

Jan 2023

Have you ever participated in a course that influenced your perspective on not only what you learned, but also your capabilities? I have. I recently had that experience after undergoing the KWSM Leadership Program, taught by CEO and President, Katie Wagner. 

This 12-week program is designed to dig deeper into the psychology behind what it means to be an effective leader. After having learned many valuable lessons over the past few weeks, I feel more aligned with my capabilities than ever before.

The Importance of Self-Governance

When people voluntarily look to their leaders for direction and guidance, this means the leader has earned their trust. At KWSM,  leadership doesleadership program not mean possessing a particular title, it means setting an example for others through our actions. There are obstacles that often come up in our professional and personal lives that can be difficult to brush off. In these times, it is important to practice self-governance in your behavior, as team members are influenced by leaders on the team. As a leader, you are always setting an example for others. 

The practice of self-governance means navigating your emotions through channeling your confidence and higher self. Even when the waters are looking rough, take a step back and evaluate what the best course of action is. This means tuning into your emotions and deciding how you would like the scenario to end. Respond rather than react.

Responding Versus Reacting 

Throughout KWSM’s Leadership Program, we discussed the outcomes of responding versus reacting. As a leader in any industry, it’s vital to welcome your team’s feedback and ideas. Many work environments are full of diverse people with various beliefs and opinions that can add value. If you are experiencing pushback to an idea internally, it’s important to hear everyone out and evaluate where it stems from. Simply reacting to an event can lead to a less desirable outcome. Taking time to think through the options and respond is not easy – but will typically give you better results, and make the team feel heard.

Lessons Learned

When it comes to self-governance, leaders prioritize holding themselves to a standard of conduct that brings their team peace of mind. KWSM’s Leadership Program taught me the importance of having a team that is able to rely on you. In order to set an example for others and have them view you as dependable and trustworthy, you have to self-govern your actions.

83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels.

At KWSM, we take leadership development seriously. Ready to be part of a dynamic, connected team that is always working to improve its members? We might be the work-family you’re looking for!

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