Keep Your Eye on the “Update” Button

May 2019

You’re going to want to keep your eye on the “update” button for these new features coming to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In the news this week, YouTube Creators gain a new way to earn revenue, Facebook adds features to support its new “private” efforts, and Instagram is rolling out new insights.


Instagram is Giving Us New Insights


Photo: Social Media Today

Two new features were spotted by the well-known reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong on Instagram that will help businesses better understand their followers. First up, your likes will be separated into two categories: new and earlier. This means that once you’ve viewed likes, they go into the “earlier” category, and when you check back again, you’ll see your new likes in the new section. This helps companies better track new activity and respond accordingly.


Also spotted by Wong is a feature many businesses have been asking for regarding new follows and unfollows. This chart will appear in the insights under “Growth” and indicate how many new followers you gain in contrast to the ones you lost, as well as overall growth.


Facebook Brings New Features to Support “The Future is Private”


Photo: Facebook

In 2018, Facebook made a decision to disable the “View as Public” feature after an unfortunate security flaw that allowed an attacker to exploit over 50 million accounts. Now that the kinks are worked out, Facebook announced on Twitter that the feature was back, as well as a feature to edit private details. This update supports the current effort to make Facebook feel like a safe place for users and to support Mark Zuckerberg’s F8 opening statement: “The Future is Private.”


Creators on YouTube have a New Way to Make Money


YouTube’s parent company, Google, is now offering a way for creators on the platform to receive slices of income in from a new shopping feature. This feature was announced on the live stream held by Google, Marketing Live. While Google has been testing the ability to add shopping links below videos for a while now, many did not expect the newest option: shopping/advertising on native creator’s videos. This feature will allow you to purchase from the ads in the video via Google Shopping (formerly Google Express), without ever having to leave the page. The details on this feature are still vague, but creators can start brainstorming ways to capitalize on this revenue-making opportunity.



Did you know Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the three most popular channels for businesses to post video content – in that order?

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