In The News: F8 Edition

This week, Facebook held its F8 Conference, which reveals big initiatives the company will move toward, allowing developers and entrepreneurs to start planning on how to capitalize on the changes. This year, Facebook opened with a bold statement: The Future is Private. What does that mean for a platform, driven by being social? Here are some of the biggest changes coming to Facebook and Instagram over the next year.



Instagram Makes Likes Less Prominent

“That’s so Instagrammable” has become a common phrase for users of the app, with an underlying drive to make every post “aesthetic,” and gain optimal likes. With the rise of influencers came the decrease of the sense of authenticity, and Instagram is changing the rules now to make it place where your focus is on posting the videos and photos you enjoy, carefree of the like count. This feature will hide the total like count of your post to the public, allowing only you to see it. This feature will be tested in Canada, and if it truly gives users a sense of freedom from likes, we will see this update roll-out to other countries.


Facebook Is Focusing on Groups, Events, and Relationships

One of the first changes we will see is a makeover on Facebook’s newsfeed, which will be centered around displaying activity in the groups you have joined and events to attend. Why? Facebook fears that the platform feels too much like a “town hall” and wants to move toward it feeling like a “living room.” This update will help people focus on expanding their social circles with features like “Find New Friends” and even a whole new feature, “Facebook Dating” – which is a platform in and of itself!


“Facebook Official” may have a whole new meaning soon.


Instagram Invites Your Creativity to Stories

Instagram has a new “Create Mode” which allows users to share content beyond your typical videos and photos. Not only are they adding more stickers that create opportunities for interaction, but also creating a new way for users to shop from within the app, giving entrepreneurs a step up.


Messenger Gets an Overhaul

When Facebook separated its messaging feature from the native apps, many were very resistant to have an additional app taking up storage on their device. The new messenger will be about 20% of the current size of the app on your device and will focus on your close friends, allowing away messages (AIM, anyone?) and easier ways to share video and photos.


Did you know at least 3% of all Facebook profiles are fake? No wonder Facebook is making a huge push toward authenticity!


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