How to Get More Views on Your Blog

May 2019

One of the best tools to give insight into your business these days is to have a blog. Writing a weekly blog is good for a number of reasons. A blog gives your business credibility, gives your business a voice, and allows potential clients to find you. Once you’ve got an established blog, we want to discuss how to get more eyes on it through Google.

What’s a featured snippet?

Also known as the Google Answer Box, a featured snippet is displayed when a user asks questions like How to, What is, etc. It shows a direct answer that is taken from the first page of the search results, so users don’t have to visit the actual page to know more. You should be fairly familiar with seeing this on google and other search engines.

Featured snippets can be listed out in a paragraph (most popular), list, a table, or as a video and can include an image.











Tips on how your content can be featured in this featured snippet area:

Summarize the answer to the question in a single paragraph. Aim for making this paragraph 40 – 50 words. You can go on to explain it more in depth later in the post. The key is to make it as easy as possible for Google to find the question and answer in your blog. Make sure your question is mentioned near the top of the page. Even if your question is part of the title of your blog, listing out the question again in the post is important.

If you have a list in your blog, make sure the items listed are simple and easy to read. Again, listing these items out early on in the blog, before explaining further into the blog is important. Use the bullet or number list feature in WordPress, so it’s formatted correctly. Try to explicitly incorporate questions into the content using phrases. Use priming phrases to signal that a question will be answered like: Here is, follow these steps, start with, etc. Image names and alt text should also match the blog topic as images may also display in this featured area. Last but not least, instead of just bolding section titles use H2 and H3 tags.

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