In The News: Reply with GIFs on Instagram, LinkedIn Replaces its CEO, and YouTube Eliminates Classic View

Feb 2020

close up of youtube on desktop viewOut with the old, and in with the new! Social media is bringing forth new changes across channels, and we are always ready. Are you hesitant about these changes?

Brace yourself; this week in the news, Instagram will now allow you to reply to Stories with GIFs, LinkedIn replaces its CEO, and YouTube eliminates classic view. 


Instagram Stories: Reply with a GIF

A recent update on Instagram brings a new way to reply to your friends’ stories! This feature will now give you the option to respond to stories with GIFs pulled from GIPHY. You will still have the option to respond with reactions and send personal images. This update was announced on Tuesday, via a tweet Instagram. 

If you ever felt that replies were too limited to DMs, you now have the freedom to search for GIFs in a seamless experience. This is the only feature that has been announced publicly by Instagram. There have been rumors of a leak for direct messaging reactions, similar to Facebook, but this has not been confirmed by the company. A shining week for Instagram users, and now the only thing left is to decide which GIFs to try out first!


LinkedIn Replaces CEO

After 11 years, the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, has decided to step down from his position. He thought that it was the right time to step down but felt that LinkedIn was in line with his “own sense of purpose.” He will remain with the company as executive chairman of the professional networking site. One of Weiner’s accomplishments was LinkedIn’s $27 billion acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, of which he was an integral part of.

His successor, Ryan Roslansky, the former product leader of the platform, will begin working with his CEO title on June 1st. Roslansky was the first person Weiner hired after he became CEO and said he wanted to prime a successor before he stepped down to pass along the same method that he went through. The torch has passed, and we can’t wait to see what Roslansky can bring to the table.


YouTube Eliminates Classic View

Internet users everywhere frequently have disdain when it comes to changes to their favorite apps or websites. If you are a YouTube fanatic, that time has come for you. In the 15 years that YouTube has been online, there hasn’t been much change to the user interface and design, but creators and users have always had the option of sticking with the older, “classic” version of YouTube or update to the Material-Design interface. 

Unfortunately, if you loved the “classic” version of YouTube, that option will no longer be available next month. YouTube will eliminate the older version in favor of the latest version. The older version did not offer features that are available now. Take the time to press pause, and say goodbye to classic view forever.




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