How to Write Creative Instagram Captions

Aug 2021

We’ve all experienced writer’s block, especially when it comes to the pressure of creating an engaging and exciting social media caption. Good captions, especially on Instagram, have the ability to add more context to the image you are sharing. This is important because it can increase the amount of engagement, click-throughs, and even visitors to your bio. 

If you’re not taking the time to add in a creative caption, you could be missing out on an opportunity to build brand awareness, connect with your followers, and increase reach. Any good Instagram strategy takes copy seriously, and we are here to help you beat writer’s block. Take a look at some tips and tricks for writing creative Instagram captions below. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re new to the Instagram writing process, give yourself plenty of time to write out several drafts to go along with your post. Creating multiple drafts can help you expand your creativity and also give you the chance to edit, proofread, and compare what you have come up with. 

Create a Good Hook

While your Instagram caption should be short and sweet, it’s important to put your best information at the beginning of your post. Make those first words are compelling and relevant, as those will be the first that your audience sees. Some ways to achieve this are by asking a question, utilizing emojis, or sparking curiosity with an interesting statement. 

Don’t Forget to Include a CTA

If you are writing Instagram captions for your business, you may want to think about what you want your audience to do. What are your business goals and how can you utilize Instagram to achieve them? While this may be driving your target audience to your website, it also could be asking your followers to comment on a post to give you more insight on a product, follow you on other social media accounts, or check out a link featured in your bio. 

Add in Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags serve as the SEO. They help your chances of your content being discovered by new people and can even get you involved in trending conversations. Make sure you research hashtags that are relevant to your brand and products to ensure you are reaching the right audience, then include them in your Instagram caption

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