Why Your Brand Should Use Emojis

Aug 2021

EmojisEmojis have been changing up the chatting game since 1997. Yes, you read that correctly: 1997! They have been a way of sharing emotions when communicating via text. It seems like there’s an emoji for any and every reaction. But some brands are not so sure about adding these fun characters to their branding. Don’t worry, we’ve got you . Check out why you should incorporate emojis with your brand. 


Humanize Your Brand  

Most of the population partakes in some form of emoji communication, from texting to social media. Incorporating emojis into your brand’s content adds a personal touch that is easily lost when sharing branded content. When you share your brand’s content with emojis, it’s easy for the audience to associate it with personal conversations they have daily. When your brand feels personal or “humanized,” the consumer is more likely to support you, engage with you, and also recommend your brand to others. 


Break Up Your Text 

In a society where attention spans are quickly dwindling, text-heavy content is never the way to go. When you have to share something with more text than usual, emojis are a great way to keep your readers interested and break up the text. Subbing some words for emojis is also another way to cut down on wordiness while adding some flair to your content! 


Boost Engagement 

Many people can’t even imagine sharing a text or caption without emojis. Emojis have quickly turned into a form of communication all over the world, a simple and straightforward way to share how you are feeling or to even accent the text you have written. Audiences enjoy engaging when emojis are present–and this invites them to further interact with your brand and posts. 


Did you know that 5 billion emojis are sent every day on Facebook Messenger?

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